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Celebrate This Valentine’s Day With Your Girlfriends

Valentine’s Day is an over-hyped day that more often than not, forces regular people who don’t even celebrate the day to get in on the festivities. This means that if you aren’t celebrating this day, you are probably sad or just plain boring. So, is it necessary to have a ‘date’ to celebrate this day? Not really. You can plan a whole day with your girlfriends on this day instead of following the cliche date night with your partner.

Here are a few ways in which you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with your closest girlfriends –

Do a pyjama sleep over
After you have your entire work day sorted, you can plan out a pyjama party night with your girlfriends either at one of your homes or at a hotel! You can do a fun pyjama night sleep over party where you can do DIY skin face masks, do your nails and eat your meals while sipping on some wine in your most comfortable pyjamas! You can also plan a theme or color scheme for the night to add a more exciting feature to the pyjama party.

Binge watch your favorite TV series
Pick a TV series that all your girlfriends enjoy, and binge watch the night away on Valentine’s Day. Get comfortable in your pyjamas, order in some food and dessert while watching your favorite TV series with your girls. You can easily order food and dessert at any food delivery website that does online cake delivery in Jodhpur, Udaipur or even smaller towns throughout India.

Do a spa day with your girls
Plan an entire day at the spa and salon and pamper yourself with your closest girlfriends. You can get matching nails done, get a massage and other such fun beautifying treatments at the salon. You can start your day early and make a whole day’s trip of the salon visit and finish off with a relaxing early dinner. Salons and spas usually have a lot of good discounts and offers on special days like Valentine’s Day so make the most use of this opportunity!

Do a pot luck
This is a fun activity which you and your girls can do together at your individual homes or together in one of your houses. Cooking together is fun not only because it is engaging and exciting but also because it is cathartic. Sharing gossip while cooking your favorite meals while your favorite girlfriends is relaxing and fun. You can make a pot luck dinner which you can enjoy with a fine bottle of wine! Don’t worry too much about dessert because you can easily order online cake delivery in Jodhpur or throughout India from any online food delivery websites.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan out your fun girl’s day out with your closest girlfriends and break the norm of celebrating Valentine’s Day only with your partner. Make the most of your bond with your girlfriends and celebrate this special day with your special ladies! Love is in the air indeed!

I am Rajesh Kumar, an Indian blogger.

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