Ways To Know If Your Relationship Is Serious

A stage of testing is what most of the relationships go through. It is when both partners are not sure that they have the same feelings for each other and that they equally value the status of their relationship. This period is both joyous and emotionally complex. You discover another person for yourself, perhaps you fall in love with him or her, but still are not completely sure whether this is a serious relationship or not.

However, there comes a certain stage where you can relax because you know that your relationship is strong now. There are no signs that they may suddenly break apart. This is the moment when you can feel much calmer. And although many things remain vague at this stage, you generally understand your partner and your partner does the same. That is, a relationship becomes serious. How to understand that a relationship with a girl is taking a serious turn and this is not another short affair? How do you know when a relationship becomes serious? Here are signs from

  1.      You get acquainted with each other’s friends

She knows your friends well and you know her friends. Maybe there are not very close relations between you, but rather friendly communication.

  1.      You share your dreams

We don’t share our dreams with anyone. Only people we consider special will hear our dreams. If you and your partner talk about dreams that are very personal, it’s for a reason.

  1.      You talk about the past

You discuss streaking stories and ridiculous situations from life before you met – stories about past relationships, breakups, and love lessons.

  1.      You make plans

When do you know if a relationship is serious? When you make plans for the future, in which both of you are present.

  1.      You live in one apartment

You have studied each other’s habits. You have learned to live side by side and shared responsibilities. And now you have a good time together.

  1.      You are familiar with each other’s relatives

You have already spent family holidays and other events. You know all her loved ones, and yours are aware of the new passion as well.

  1.      You spend time separately on a regular basis

The ability not to bother each other is important as well. It is necessary to spend some time apart from each other. Your girlfriend has own hobbies and friends and you have the same. Everyone has time for their lives. You have to learn to rest separately some days and give a little space to each other.

  1.      You have already quarreled

You already arranged disassembly, conflict, and desperately quarreled. After demonstrating your dark and impartial sides, you stayed together. You have learned to put up, to seek a compromise, and settle conflicts.

  1.      You know the income of each other

When everyone knows how much a partner earns, relationships go to a “family” level of communication.

  1.  You discussed a family

How do you know if you are ready for a serious relationship? It is very easy! Both of you discuss the future family without any problems, the number of children, and the common house. You calmly imagine a joint future.

  1.  You can’t live without communication with each other

Let it be not even live communication, but SMS or phone calls. Both of you need to hear each other’s voice and you feel uncomfortable when you can’t talk.

  1.  You are part of each other

It is important that a man and a woman in love have their own worlds, which belongs only to both of them. This is your personal space, jokes, and statements, which are clear only to the two of you. But remember that you are not just a part of your relationship, but also a person with own life and interest, and this should strengthen your relationship and enrich it.

I am Rajesh Kumar, an Indian blogger.

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