Check out these fascinating 6 places of Mussoorie

Mussoorie is the queen of hills is situated at a distance of around thirty-five kilometres from Dehradun. It is a beautiful hill station in Uttarakhand mapped at a height of two thousand five mts above sea level. It is located at the foothills of Himalayas and possesses so many thrilling and gorgeous sites.

You must visit this hill station to taste the charm, extensiveness and beauty of nature. Don’t worry about your stay because there are the best hotels in Mussoorie which can cater you comfort and ease within your budget.

Check out these fascinating 6 places of Mussoorie

Kempty Falls

Kempty Falls is surrounding by enchanting mountain ranges and is one of the chief tourist destinationsin Mussoorie. It is mapped at one thousand three hundred sixty-fourmeters’height above sea level and caters the visitors and tourists a lot of thrill and charm. Here, amidst the natural sites, gorgeous landscapes, rhythmic sounds of water falls, anyone can feel heavenly.

  1. Mossy Falls

Mossy Falls: is situated in a thick forest and is one of the main tourist spot in Mussoorie. It is only seven kilometres from hill station. The splendid scenic views and the tranquil surroundings shall definitely make you fall in love with this welcoming spot. So, are you ready to jump in the melodious and harmonious environment of this place?

  1. Lake Mist

The Kempty falls and its pouring waters make this Lake Mist. This lake possesses a renowned eco-friendly resort situated in Mussoorie called Lake Mist Resort. It is a stunning and enchanting natural place for the nature lovers. Lake Mist possesses a nice name amidst the tourists and visitors. You can visit this place at any time of the year.

  1. Mussoorie Lake

Both the local people and tourists love to visit this gorgeous picnic spot. It is an artificial lake and it has been gorgeously developed by the authorities. Here people can relish boating in this lake and delight in the mesmerizing picturesque views. This place is ideal for people belonging to all age groups!

  1. Bhatta Falls

These falls are situated about seven kilometres from the hill station. It is a charming space and is far from the headaches of commercialization. The spot has turned into a preferred tourist spot and people visit here in a huge number to relish the thrill and splendour of these falls. An exciting thing about this spot is that it is immensely photogenic. The ideal backdrop, vibrant surroundings and tuneful sounds of water falls make this place worth visiting. And while you are there, don’t forget to dip in the fresh water pond!

  1. Lal Tibba

This Lal Tibba is the highest seeing point in Mussoorie. It caters wonderful views of the snow-covered Himalayan range in all its magnificence. The Japanese telescope has been installed here and it allows the tourists and visitors to relish the primeval exquisiteness of this area.

Thus, what keeps you waiting when you can relish so much of thrill, merriment, rejuvenation, and tranquillity at this place? Just check out cheap hotels in Mussoorie and book your rooms for a wholesome trip in this beautiful hill station.

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