Common reasons for premature ejaculation

For most men, premature ejaculation is a combination of psychological as well as physiological factors – but more often than not, it is reasons such as anxiety which stops them from having a healthy sex life.  Low libido is yet another factor which plays a major role in premature ejaculation.  Some men may lack specific hormones which lead to low libido.  Age and other health issues are also major factors which play a role. Being overweight contributes to this problem.  Many men have oversensitive penises and this can make it difficult to have intercourse for long periods.  This leads to premature ejaculation and a dissatisfied partner.  Other health issues that interfere with a healthy sex life are diabetes, high blood pressure and medications taken for different health conditions.  Talking to one’s personal physician will help in figuring out how to address this issue and more like one’s Impotence.

premature ejaculation

Common problems that affect sexual life

What you need to understand is that the steps you take for being healthy and fit will in turn affect your sexual health and Impotence as well. It is believed that obese men or men with a lot of belly fat consider their shaft to be smaller as the fat covers most of the length of their shaft that is considered to influence the size. Losing weight is advised in such cases. Erectile dysfunction another problem related to sexual health can also be solved by losing excess weight and concentrating on building lean muscles. Eating healthy food and including lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet is also known to help this condition. Junk food, processed food or other food etc rich in sugars are also known to cause erectile dysfunction and avoiding such food will definitely improve your sexual health.

Ignorance related to the size of the penis

First off, men ought to realize that the roots lie in their psyche.  It eventually does lead to erectile dysfunction if it is not caught and addressed in time.  There are no quick fixes like pills and potions – they are a waste of money and can be outright dangerous.

It is very important to understand the normal or average size before worrying about the size of your penis. The average or normal size in case of an erect penis is 5.6 inches and you only need to worry and consider treatment or surgery if it is lesser than that. The size of your penis and your ability to perform or any other insecurity related to your sex organ is associated with psychology. You must understand that there is no safe method of enlarging the male penis and the many pills and ointments promoted online seldom work or in fact are well known in to cause side effects or other implications like premature ejaculation.

Sex drive pills are gaining popularity of late and are completely safe to use when compared to various drugs and male enhancement techniques. It is always a good idea to talk to your doctor before getting started with sex drive pills like Viagra and beyond.

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