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Chile Becomes the Winner of Copa Finals Once Again

Chile wins the Copa finals defeating Argentina and this comes out as the big breaking news today. Lionel Messi misses the penalty shots that came out as the most tragic incident for team Argentina. The game went on without any goals and after 120 minutes it was finally decided Chile as the winning team. They congratulated all their supports without whom they won’t be able to snatch their victory in the Copa Finals.

During the penalty, session Chile came out with the first chance that was saved by Sergio Romero added an advantage for Argentina. Next, Messi stepped forward with a cool face and calm nerves and everyone was excited to see his skills. But unfortunately the ball blasted high and went over the bar. Once again, Messi missed in the International match leading his team to serious tragedy. The agony engulfed him completely and immediately after the match, he decided to retire from football and promised not to touch the ground wearing jersey of his own country.

A new history has been created in International Football especially a coronating chapter arises in the chronicle of young LEO. Francisco Silva who was bright in late during the extra time as a substitute for Sánchez proved himself as the perfect proxy serving the role of the hero of 2015 shootout. He was able to give a hard shot, Romero dived to the wrong side and one again Chile grabbed the victory in the Copa Finals.

After the tragic defeat Messi remained shocked slouched to the ground.  This incident once again reveals another tragic fact where Messi lost the 2014 World Cup Golden Boot. Really it’s a very cruel tragedy in Messi’s life where the great player just remained out from the finishing line. But above all these, Argentina still remains the best team due to their 7-0 victory against Mexico revealing their true skills.

A large crowd gathered in the stadium today and everyone was waiting to know what would be the final results. Supporters from Argentina really faced a big heartbreak and still it’s difficult to believe that Argentina lost the finals against Chile. On the other hand, Chile was quite comfortable after their nice victory against Columbia in the semi finals. Tata Martino may be was aware knowing La Roja would come up with some new strategies attacking them in a different way that may go fatal for them. So, they arranged a hard defensive trio with Lucas Biglia, Javier Mascherano and Ever Banega. Ángel Di María in the meantime returned and slotted into the left place behind immediately after that Ezequiel Lavezzi’s injury during the semi finals.

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