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Argentina Vs Chile: The Copa Finals

Argentina reaches the final of Copa International and they would play against Chile. The final match would take place on Monday 1AM and both the teams are on high pressure and the audience is excited to know what’s going to happen. Here is a brief record of Lionel Messi from Argentina:

  • Appearances: 4
  • Goals: 5
  • Assists: 4
  • Man of the Match Awards: 3

So, this clearly shows his skills that would play an important role to win the match. Messi is considered as the outstanding player for Argentina and everyone is expecting some good results for the team. On the other hand, Edudar Vargas is the player from Chile whose records are given below:

  • Appearances: 5
  • Assists: 1
  • Goals: 6
  • Man of the Match Awards: 2

Overall, it would be a tough match between Argentina and Chile coming out the real Winner of the match.

Vargas has came out of the expectation with total 24 appearances from where he collected only 2 goals in the tournament with Hoffenheim in Bundesliga. Above all these, his contributions are worth mentioning and he came back to real form with 4-2 win against Panama revealing his true skills. The match also came out with a powerful header in a fat corner that once again proves his tricks o beat the opponent.

This sudden change of him was completely unexpected and his performance with Mexico in the knock-out match was truly exception for the entire audience. It was Mexico’s unforeseen defeat and they got 7-0 victory that was one of the major Championship match. The 26 year old climbed the ladders to success scoring about 4 times an d now he’s on the way to eran the golden boot getting the ultimate popularity. “It was unforgettable. In my career this is the first time I’ve scored four goals.” He said. The feat was a remarkable event, as he was not able to find the net until it was the 44th minute.

This Copa International left him with 10 goals of his career that drags him to the level of Enrique Hormazábal’s record being a Chilean. And he’s the first one who created the record in total 60 years since it started.

Another player from Argentina whose details should be mentioned is Gonzalo Higuain. His career in Copa International includes:

  • Appearances: 5
  • Assists: 1
  • Goals: 4
  • Man of the Match ward: 0

He also would come out as an important person in this upcoming match against Chile that would played on Monday. It’s only a wait for 2 days and the countdown would start for both the teams.

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