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Colors Play an Important Role in Attracting Visitors to a Website

There are some critical aspects that companies starting a new venture should take care of. Even young entrepreneurs must consider many aspects like a business plan for starting their business with aplomb. Excellent promotions prior to the launch of the product and the follow up with the prospective customers are the norm but I would like to draw your attention towards an aspect that many firms do not take seriously: the primary color of the website and product packaging that can lure the potential customers to no end.

Companies do try to take the assistance of a digital marketing company in making sure that they get an apt plan in this regard. But seldom do they ask them about the color of the website and the product’s packaging, for example, so that they can make sure they can hit the sweet spot when it comes to arousing the customer’s interests. Colors play a major role in human psyche as it can send out important embedded messages.

Let me give you some examples as how colors can play an important role so that you can understand the idea I am putting forward quite easily.

Colors Play a Crucial Role in Gaining Customer’s Attention

Red color is used by a majority of companies related to the fast food/restaurant/cafe industry. Take the example of Pizza Hut which uses the red color with maximum impact. Over the years, the text’s color in the Pizza Hut logo has been either white or black but red color dominates the logo as the in the hut is always shown in red. Red evokes a passionate response from the people who look at the message and also evokes hunger in most cases.

I am sure the moment you see the logo of Pizza Hut or any other restaurant or fast food outlet, you feel like going there just to have a bite or two. Red color is attention grabbing and is used in a host of other places. Take the example of traffic signal where red color is used to stop the traffic. The person driving the car can spot the red light from far off and can start decreasing the speed to stop at the signal.

I am sure you will recall many instances like I have mentioned here when you started feeling hungry after spotting a restaurant’s board in red. So if you are planning to start a food outlet or restaurant, you know now what to ask for, in terms of theme color, from the firm offering you digital marketing support or web designing services.

Purple and Blue Color and How they are Perceived by an Average Person

Traditionally, purple color is associated with royalty, sophistication and luxury. You will easily find currency notes around the world printed in purple or similar hue. It’s also a mysterious color too so it can be a perfect fit for launching a teaser campaign for a product or service. It surely evokes excitement and with your landing page in this color will further raise the interest level of the visitors of your website.

A similar color is blue but it is not that mysterious in any way. Rather it speaks for a trustworthy and dependable thing and used primarily by banks, financial institutions, airlines, etc. The use of this color make people feel like everything is right with what they are looking at and they can easily depend upon the product or service. So you can use it accordingly to make give your product a trustworthiness in the eyes of your potential customers.

Green, the Color of Calmness and White

This color has always been synonymous with calmness, freshness and health. Whenever you think of lush green scenery or mountains/resorts, you feel relaxed. That’s why people visit places like these to enjoy a weekend and return totally refreshed after a long weekend. This color suits wealth, health and prestige too as deep/dark green color is associated with affluence. If your business is related to travel and leisure industry, then it is the right color for your website.

Similarly white is also associated with a clean image of anything. It is also synonymous with purity and noble causes. Businesses which are related to fashion industry, clothing accessories and apparel use it to give a clean image that attracts visitors in hordes.

I am sure now you know what emotions color evoke and how you can use them in your website and in product packaging to attract your target market.

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