How Did The Corporate Work Lifestyle Change With The Effect Of Coworking Space

Working lifestyle has changed  whenever there has been a change in the global workspace. The working lifestyle was different during the cotton revolution followed by the industrial revolution. Slowly there was change moving towards the suave working environments that came into existence with computers. This revolutionized the working culture around the globe. The introduction of computers to everyday business from grocery stores to retailers changed the global working environment. The polished traditional working environments set an example for the corporate sector which is now slowly paving the path to coworking spaces. The working culture has changed drastically in coworking spaces. Here let’s take a look at how the corporate work lifestyle has evolved in the coworking space.

Employees save time in travel to office locations!

The entire workforce of the organization was reporting to one office location. Employees were spending quite a lot of time traveling to and fro to the location. Along with the travel was the stress of traffic and the reporting time. Their arrival at the office was dependent on the traffic on the way. This added pressure on the employees every day. Reporting to work tired would not aid them to work productively. Coworking space in Bangalore or shared office spaces are located all over the city. The employees no longer have to assemble at one location but can work from their convenient location. This reduces the travel time and also the stress and tiredness. Employees on time at work with a fresh mindset can work better and be more productive.

The team owns their responsibility!

Traditional office spaces had a team of people working on a floor. The teams worked under different managers who overlooked the team’s effort and outcome. The team players are responsible for the tasks assigned and need to report the same to their managers. Managers had a say in everything from the arrival time, tasks scheduled, the priority of the tasks, deliverables, to name a few.

Coworking space does not necessarily have a manager with the entire team always. So, the team members have the opportunity to empower themselves to plan, work and deliver on time. Though the managers are not involved in micromanagement and present physically, they are overlooking the outcome. As long as the performance is good and productivity is not suffering the managers certainly would not interfere with the employee’s workday schedule.

Coworking space has a provision for personal space!

Many traditional office spaces belonging to big organizations had and still have a fitness center, yoga rooms, and other facilities for their officials. But many in the team hesitated to use the space. The reasons for not using the space vary from time constraints, wondering if recreational activities are acceptable by their managers, or hardly any time left to use after a long journey and tiring day at work. Well, all these are no more reasons now. Utilizing the coworking spaces nearer to their residence has reduced the travel time, leaving them with additional time to use it for their wellness. An hour of physical activity not only keeps fit physically but in a good frame of mind. It is a proven fact that physical exercise in the human body secretes hormones that boost one’s mental energy too. With a better frame of mind, one is found to perform better than before.

Coworking space provides personal space to grow!

Career growth is inspired by one and all working in the industry. Traditional office spaces have an entire floor of people working for their growth. Not always do people compete sportingly, there will be occasions of office politics and gossip that hinder one’s work commitment. Coworking spaces erase all these negative factors from the work environment. The shared office space offers one an opportunity to work without any kind of hassles that might disturb one’s mindset. Being unaware of the competitors is also a boon at times while working endlessly towards career growth. Coworking space is a work environment without any negative vibes or gossip but just to focus on work and grow.

Changes in corporate work lifestyle due to coworking spaces

The corporate lifestyle has changed immensely due to coworking spaces. They are

  • Traditional reporting to one single office set up no longer exists
  • Reporting to the manager and going as per the instructions is not valid anymore
  • Chances of backbiting in the team and office gossips are less
  • Team workers have the opportunity to empower and take initiative to work and progress in their career
  • During the time of delivery, the team members can take the decisions independently
  • Shy and slightly low-esteemed team workers in absence of managers watching over them will be stress-free and can perform better

Coworking spaces have paved the path to having a good work and life balance. The amenities at the shared office space will let teams work without worrying about the infrastructure. At the same time, it provides the opportunity to network with others in the coworking spaces during events. The recreational activities at the space for team workers let them spend some time on their choice of recreation. Relaxed team member’s productivity is always high.

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