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Demanding Payment Of Damage From The Protestors

Directed by the Supreme Court, the government has been allowed to make protesters pay for the damages to public property. If somehow they fail to achieve this goal, Supreme Court will pass the guidelines to deal with the situation strictly and teach a lesson to the ones holding the nation to pay off in the name of a whip for one or another reason.

A Bench including justices C Nagappan and JS Khehar remarked “The protesters must face the consequences of their actions. They must realize that they will be held accountable for damaging public property. We are not bothered whether it is the BJP, Congress or any other organisation,”

When Hardik Patel lead the protest demanding for the reservation n of Patels, it also leads to the damage. Observing, the clouds of violence in the country, the authorized people took the charge of arresting him. the action had curbed the dark clouds. The same has been repeated by the Jats of Haryana this time and has lead to the major damage in the country, for which the return is to be demanded.

Let’s not go far if we observe the recent scenario there have been a lot of cases facing public property damages. Like sedition case against Hardik also involved public property violence and dishearted the Jat quota agitation has destroyed the village of villages. Observing that every second person is up to agitating for one or another thing, the government has to come up with some firm policy to amend the things and maintain peace in the country.

It is really hard to imagine where the country is heading? How can you destroy the property of the country for no reason? Be it any party in action, the damage is meant to be paid back. It is intended to dispose of the cases regarding public property damage within coming three months. The scenario is really awful and asking to pay off for the damages is our right without any doubt.

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