Dental Crowns – Things you Should Know

Are you looking to get additional support to your damaged teeth? More so, would not you like to mask some dental flaws such as misshapen teeth and live a confident life?

If yes, then dental crowns are the solution. They work as covering to the tooth to help restore their size and shape. They are basically used to improve the strength and appearance of the teeth.

Dental crowns are restorations that are used to let damaged or cracked teeth preserve their functionality. They are very popular today for a range of cosmetic and restorative usages.

Why and when we need dental crowns?

Dental crowns are very popular to patch up a variety of dental problems. They need for restorative purposes.

Crowns may be needed in following cases –

  • When we want to improve the beauty of the smile
  • When someone wants to repair a fractured tooth
  • When you want to protect a weak tooth from decay
  • When we need to preserve a weak tooth and prevent them from any further crack or break
  • When we look to protect a crack tooth by holding together its parts
  • When we want to hold dental bridges in place
  • When we want to support dental implant
  • When we want our stained teeth to get coated
  • When we want to strengthen the tooth post a root canal treatment

Types of dental crowns

We can clearly see how dental crowns help us in a number of ways. We should however first understand the types of crowns and then approach the dentist for any help.

Dental crowns are basically of five different types, including –

  • All- Porcelain Crown
  • All- Metal Crown
  • All- Resin Crown
  • Porcelain-fused metal Crown
  • Temporary Crowns

Major advantages of dental crowns

We can clearly see how more people than ever before now trust dental crowns to fix their dental problems. We should definitely look at many advantages than crows do offer.

The advantages include –

  • Crowns are great to boost the looks or aesthetics
  • They are of great help to boost the colour and shape of the teeth
  • They look natural and are preferred over other dental prosthetics
  • Dental crowns offer the best possible protection in cases where a tooth is broke down in a severer manner
  • They are perhaps the most durable solution among the available implants and filling
  • Crowns come with many restorative capabilities to help patients facing dental problems
  • They are used extensively to support a tooth badly damaged by tooth decay
  • They are used to protect a worn tooth
  • Crowns are quite a help to anchor a dental bridge
  • Dentists trust crowns to do restore a tooth post a root canal treatment
  • They are used to improve the appearance of the teeth
  • They are quite helpful in adding length or width to misshape teeth
  • They are used a lot to hide tooth discolorations

Are dental crowns safe?

Yes, dental crowns are mostly safe and you should not worry a bit. However, you should be aware of some considerations along the way to get value with dental crown procedure.

These considerations include –

  • Infection is a likely scenario in case where the affected tooth is not properly cleaned and sealed
  • Allergic reaction may happen to few due to the materials used during the treatment process
  • Bacteria may store up and damage the teeth where the crown is not properly sealed
  • Poor bite may result in cases where the surface of the crown is not sharpened properly
  • The crown can get loose or get dislodged over time and it should be kept in mind

In overall, visit the best dentist Bushwick and know more about crowns.                                                       —

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