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Devastating Bomb Explosion Shook Brussels: Threats target mainly Airport and Metro Station

Series of life-threatening as well as destructive bomb explosions have traumatized Belgium’s capital Brussels around 7 o’clock on Tuesday morning targeting the city’s departure hall of main airport and metro station according to city’s leading broadcaster, RTBF. As per Belgium official’s report, twin blast attacked Zaventem Airport by taking lives of 17 people and 25 were reported to be injured. A level-4 emergency has been announced in the area by the government.

Another set of bombarding occurred after an hour at the Maelbeek metro station of the area nearby EU headquarters where about 20 people were found dead. This is the latest threat reported among the Europe attacked by the terrorist. The officials have increased the citizen’s panic risk level and have barred all types of public transport immediately after the blast. According to some CCTV footage Brussels’ police are now suspecting a man, responsible for this blast, dressed in white shirt and jacket along with a dark hat on his head and was pushing a trolley full of luggage along with two other men and a ‘wanted’ notice has been noticed against them.

In this context Charles Michel, the Prime Minister of Belgium has exclaimed in sadness that the day of blast is the most tragic day for the country rather you can say black day and he has also asked the every citizen of the country to keep their patience and show their harmony. A high degree of terrorism threat level has been raised in Belgium and the government has proclaimed national mourning for three days.

The royal prosecutor of Belgium declared that the bomb explosion is linked to the terrorist agency and therefore have declared the airport bombarding as a suicide attack. According to VRT Belgium broadcaster a suicide bombardier has been responsible for one of the explosion whereas a package of three suicide belts full of explosives has been seen by the police near the Brussels airport.

The Islamic State (IS) claimed that they only were responsible for the Tuesday’s attack on Belgium in some post of Amaq agency and US government agencies have declared that the claim made by the terrorist group seems to be authentic.

Belgium police have arrested on Friday three more people as this suicide bombarding by the Islamic terrorist group in Brussels has been investigated to be linked with last year Paris attack. More federal prosecutor reported that Islamic convicts of Paris attack was found in Belgium last year and those people are supposed to have planned this explosive attack in the city. In total nine people have been arrested till Thursday in Belgium and two were in Germany.

Photos from the bombarding scene show victims lying in pool of blood, everywhere smoke around full of shattered debris. Explosives were supposed to be contained in suitcase as per the report of the NBC report. Even some eye witnesses reported that before the two attacks shooting sound was heard along with people shouting in Arabic. Zaventem airport was emptied and all the flights got canceled and train facilities were hanged up. CEO of Brussels airport, Arnaud Feist said that the airport will not open on Wednesday. Also the US State Department has put alerts about Tuesday’s Belgium attack for the passengers travelling to Europe and said that this alert will end by June 20. This is the most devastating attacks in the history of Belgium and further investigation is still going on.

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