Different Types Of Pav Bhaji To Entertain Your Platter

Have you ever visited Maharashtra? You must have tried the famous pavbhaji recipe in Marathi. Among lots of other street foods, pav bhaji is definitely awesome. If Kolkata is famous for its adorable street food, ‘Phuchka’, Mumbai can be named for its hot and spicy pav bhaji. Visiting the Marine Drive can’t be complete if you don’t have the plate of pav bhaji in your hand.

But, pav bhaji is not the exclusive delicacy of Maharashtra. It is also popular in different parts of the country. And along with the state, the taste becomes different. The pav bhaji of Maharashtra is completely different in a state that is available in Gujarat. Here are certainly different types of pav bhaji which can add amazing taste to your platter.

Read on to know more-

1. Jain Pav Bhaji- This special type of pav bhaji is available at Gujarat and some parts of Maharashtra. This is entirely made of mashed potato and peas and no onions are used here. This is perfect for the vegans who avoid onions and garlic. Making it at home is also easy.

2. Kada Pav Bhaji- There is the difference in Jain pavbhaji and Kada pavbhaji. Usually, the curry of the pav bhaji is often smashed for better taste. But, in this recipe, the vegetables are chopped and kept intact instead of smashing. When you feel the different taste of veggies on your taste bud, it feels great.

3. Kathiawadi Pav Bhaji- Though Kathiawad is a region of Gujarat; still this one is completely different than the Jain counterpart. This type of pav bhaji is especially popular around the coastline of Gujarat- the Gulf of Kutch, the Gulf of Khambat, etc. The coastal spices are mixed with the curry to give it a unique test. If you ever try it, you will get back to it again.

4. Kolhapuri Pav Bhaji- This recipe is famous for the abundance of garlic. If you are not irritated with the smell of garlic and can enjoy the taste, this spicy version of pav bhaji will attract you a lot. Instead of red chilli powder, the garlic chutney is used to spice up your taste buds.

5. Punjabi Pav Bhaji– This is a rich dish with lots of butter. Sometimes you can forget about putting on weight and treat your taste buds with certain amazing dishes. Punjabi pav bhaji is definitely one of them. The ‘bhaji’ or the curry is spiced up with whole spices and lots of butter is used to prepare it. Enjoy Punjabi pav bhaji with a glass of creamy lassi.

Here are the famous types of pav bhaji that you can enjoy at different parts of India. If you want to make something different on Sunday brunch, pav bhaji is really awesome. Try to add your variations to it and prepare some amazing dish for your family. You can add, cheese, butter, mushrooms, chicken keema, etc. to make the dish even more delectable.

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