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Dusshera Wishes for a Prosperous Life

Dussehra is one of the famous festivals of India and largely celebrated by the Hindus. We celebrate Dussehra at the tenth day right after nine days Navratri, it generally falls in the month of September-October in winters that are in achieving month according to Hindu calendar. After twenty days of Dussehra Diwali falls, this is another famous festival in India. Dussehra remarks the victory of good over bad as Lord Rama killed the Demon Ravana, which symbolizes the won over evil.

Dussehra is also known as Vijayadashami, it is celebrated on the tenth days after nine days of Navratri. The nine days Navratri is the days when devotees worship Goddess Durga. In which devotees do fasting for whole nine days. People celebrate the day to memorize the killing of demon Ravana by Lord Rama. At the same day, egoistic Mahishasura killed by Goddess Durga. Both doing spread the message that at the good always win no matter what.

In the 17th century when the king of Mysore ordered to celebrate Dussehra on a grand scale from that day celebration of Dussehra started and still, people celebrate that day with great joy and happiness. According to Ramayana, there are a lot of mythological tales associated with the Dussehra.

Lord Rama killed Ravana on this day. Lord Rama took revenge from Ravana as he kidnapped Goddess Sita, his wife. History also said that on the same day Maa Durga killed the Demon Mahishasura. As after getting the boon from Bhramha he became egoistic and cruel and started killing innocent people at that time Devas pray to Bhrama, Vishnu, and Mahesha to save people. Then these three trinities become a woman and killed the Demon Mahishasura.

This day is largely celebrated to memorize the presence of good over evil. Festival of Dussehra is celebrated in Bangladesh as well. In India, it is celebrated in Mysore on a very large scale. Devotees worship Maa Chamundeshwari on Dussehra and a big Idol of the goddess taken out across the city

In different parts of India, Dussehra is celebrated in a unique way as in we know that in Mysore Dussehra is very famous. Apart from that Dussehra is famous in Kullu in Himachal Pradesh, Orissa and Kolkata are very quite famous. People visit big pandals which are decorated, wear new clothes, make traditional food at home and enjoy the festival with their family. People also eat a sweet desert called Jalebi on Dussehra.

Most of the parts of India people perform the few scenes from Ramayana and they also create a statue of Ravana, Kumbhkaran his brother and Meghnath his son and then burn those statues. On Dussehra to will see the burn statues of Ravana everywhere. In Delhi, in Ramlila ground, there is grand function held on Dussehra every year where big Statue of a Ravana burnt and this function which is attended by the big politicians. This shows the good is always won over evil.

This is how the famous festival Dussehra is celebrated in India.

Wish dussehra to all your loved ones. Send dusshera wishes or messages them wishing them a prosperous year ahead.

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