Executive MBA

Executive MBA: A Focused Version Of MBA, Get To Know About It Prior To Your Corporate Journey

Degrees and diplomas in business administration offer limitless paths which guide you to a successful career. Getting your MBA, EMBA or PGDM from top schools or institutes can help you land in your dream job with a dream salary right after you finish them. In today’s world nothing is conventional.To excel in your career journey it is important to opt for the right course with the combination of creativity, motivation and perseverance.

There are hundreds of schools and institutes offering a course in business administration but it is crucialto choose the right one. In this regard Executive MBA is a quality choice for the working executives willing to pursue further studies while getting to keep their jobs. The time taken to complete Executive MBA program is the same as MBA i.e. two to three years. In this course the focus is on the core curriculum and you can gain the experience of working in the business industry side by side.

Exploring the option of Executive MBA will allow you to balance your work life and academics. Schools like GNIMS offer Executive MBA which is a post graduate certificate in management,enabling you to put your theoretical knowledge into practice that will have an immediate impact on you and your company. The college, located in Mumbai is a branch of G.N. Khalsa College. Their Executive MBA program consists of experienced industry champions and is excellent way to complete MBA for working professionals. The pedagogy includes lectures, workshops seminars, brainstorming sessions and group discussions. To excel in the corporate industry it is necessary to develop excellent networking skills which you can only learn from the top leaders of the industry. At GNIMS, they offers highly interactive sessions which cover the aspects of personal skill development and applied learning.

For individuals looking for excellent opportunity to develop leadership skills through classroom learning and beyond,Executive MBA programs are worth exploring. Jaro Education, one of the leading partners of GNIMS provides this management course which is suitable for working professionals. The course is 18 months long and stretches up to 3 Semesters. The program is flexible and offers specialization in 5 fields. An Executive MBA is a focused version of an MBA which allows students to work on their marketing and entrepreneurship skills.

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