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Factors to Consider While Choosing a Mattress for Your Growing Child

Growing kids require plenty of sleep, somewhere between ten to fourteen hours every day depending on their exact age. Their growing minds and bodies necessitate quality sleep and rest for staying refreshed, alert, and focused on whatever they do. A sound sleep at night would be rejuvenating and invigorating them. That is the primary reason why you should give major importance to choosing the right mattress for your kid. Here are some important factors to consider while choosing a mattress for your growing kid.

As per, “Kids grow up fast. That’s just a fact. It seems like the clothes bought for them get outgrown in a matter of days. But, we only want what’s best for children so they can grow up healthy and strong, right? Hence, we need to find a comfortable bed, suitable for their size, that won’t sag and break after a few years.”

Size: Choosing the right-sized mattress for your kid is quite a challenging affair. Even though a twin mattress is most frequently chosen for young kids, you may opt for a twin XL as that would be just right for fitting taller kids. Many parents would opt for a Queen or Full-sized mattress as it would allow more space for enabling growth and enough liberty to move around.

Materials: Kids are, particularly, vulnerable to chemical off-gassing, pesticides, industrial chemicals etc. You must steer clear of mattresses that are known to contain memory foams, petroleum-based polyurethane foams, vinyl, chemical adhesives, and chemical fire retardants. Experts obviously would recommend a child-friendly mattress that is known to contain natural, organic, and hypoallergenic raw materials such as natural latex, organic cotton, and natural wool. Insist on buying a good quality mattress and if you prefer it is best to opt for a totally green mattress for your child’s health and safety.


You should not be swayed by a mattress company’s tall claims and you need to understand the true worth of a mattress before buying it. Examine the legal tag that provides clear detailed information on what materials are inside the chosen mattress. You must give priority to green and eco-friendly certified mattresses. The mattress for your child must have a robust sleep trial policy, non-prorated warranty, and free return policy. A top quality brand would be giving full support to their product. A top quality mattress would boost sleep even in adults who are used to consuming eszopiclone to cure insomnia.

Durability: Durability is a key consideration while choosing a mattress for your child.  You must choose a mattress that would be lasting for several years such as mattresses made with internal support coil and natural materials. Your mattress would be lasting longer if you use a mattress cover to protect it from stains and accidents.

Firmness: The best and most comfortable looking pillow-top mattress might not be the best choice. Your kids don’t really weigh enough to push down on and compress the layers until they’re older, which means there will be no real benefit from choosing a pillow-top and investing a fair amount of money in the same. Ideally, you need to give your kids a firm but gentle surface to sleep on that provides correct alignment and ample spinal support to ensure their growing bodies are not harmed in any way and they can get a good night’s sleep.


A good night’s sleep is essential for promoting your child’s overall health and well-being. Experts believe that good sleep and adequate rest at night are necessary to boost both physical and mental growth in growing children.

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