Get Home These 13 Coolest Widgets for your Furry Four Legged Companions!

When you reach home after a busy day, you get welcomed with a tail wager who jumps, licks and barking after seeing you! It feels so special to get such a gesture. The best part is their affection never stops, they continue this act every time. Dogs are said to be the most loyal and lovable creatures on earth. Spoil them with  your love!

This post is for all the dog lovers who feed street dogs or have a bunch of them at their place.  Gift your pet some of these gadgets which are exclusive for your fury cold blooded animals. We have a list of some gadgets which help you understand and pamper your pet more!

13 Best Gadgets Designed Exclusively for your Hearty Paws!

Reduce the difficulty level to maintain a pet! We bring to  you gadgets that reduces your stress behind the dog. Ease your work of tracking your excited golden retriever, bathing your lazy Labrador or working out with a pug! Try them to improve their lifestyle!

1. Dyson Groom

Dyson is known for manufacturing vacuum cleaners. It was good for them to think out of the box and come up with this most necessary device  needed by every dog owner. The Dyson Groom gadget helps to get rid of the loose hair of your dog. Groom your dog before the hair litters everywhere in the house. Buy Dyson Groom from Amazon!

2. Tagg Pet Tracker

Track our dog every time it looses! Now you don’t need to worry about your dog’s whereabouts! The Tagg Pet Tracker will find your dog with the help of GPS connected to your phone’s maps app. The tracker sends text or email defining the dog’s location! This is a much helpful gadget which may help if your dog gets stolen. Buy Tagg Pet Tracker from Amazon !

3. GoDogGo Machine Ball Fetcher

This ball fetching machine will boost your dog’s playful nature. The master no longer needs to play the throw fetch game with the dog. It can be placed in the garden and rest work is done by GoDogGoMachine Ball Fetcher. Let your dog enjoy it’s game while you cheer him as he playfully  searches the ball! Buy GoDogGo Machine Ball Fetcher from Amazon!

4. Wigzi Tangle Free Dual Dog Leash

The Wigzi Tangle Free Dual Dog Leash is a dual dog carrying belt. While going for a walk, this dual leash is capable of carrying your dogs peacefully on the busy roads. Dogs are like kids, they love to go for walks and getting exposed to the outer world. With his belt, you can manage your dogs and avoid  getting tangled  up! Buy Wigzi Tangle Free Dual Dog Leash from Amazon!

5. Petnet

The Petnet makes sure that your dog doesn’t miss meals while you are away from your waggy pets. This device is helpful for all the busy owners who might forget to feed their pets on time. It is connected with your smart phones and alerts you about its meals. Autopilot the gadget when your dog is wandering out! Buy Petnet from Amazon!

6. Pet Cube

It allows you to communicate with your pets while you are away. The Pet Cube also entertains your dog by playing with him, with a laser pointer attached to it. Be around him so that he doesn’t miss you much through your smartphone! Get the gadget and make your presence felt! Buy Pet Cube from Amazon!

7. WaterDog Automatic Pet Drinking Fountain

This device is the best and unique gadget for the street dogs. Install the device in a shady open space where a group of dogs resides. This is an automatic drinking fountain start pouring water as it senses and turns off automatically as the dog leaves. This device makes sure that dogs stay hydrated even during the hot summer! Buy WaterDog Automatic Pet Drinking Fountain!

8. Pet Chatz

The Pet Chatz comes handy when you are not in town and are  worried about your dog. It is obviously cool to have a video conference with your puppy using your smartphone. Your dog can  watch you through a video monitor display attached at your place. The day doesn’t seem far when your dog would have his personal phone too.. Buy Pet Chatz from Amazon!

9. Fit Bark

The name itself suggests that the Fit Bark is made to maintain your dogs’ fitness. This device helps you know if your dog is having regular exercise and also about it’s eating habits. Make sure you take your hound for a walk every day and enjoy being healthy. Buy Fit Bark!

10. The CanineShower Stall

Just as we have a bathroom, don’t you think your dog should have one! This is a shower stall which makes it easy for you to clean your pooch. Get your dog inside it and get a cleaner version of your pet. This perfect gadget is invented for the dogs who hate bathing,just let them inside and they would surely love bathing the next time! Buy Canine Shower Stall! (Not available)

11. Pavlovian Puppy Potty Trainer

The Pavlovian Puppy Potty Trainer trains your dog to move outside during their nature calls. The device uses Pavlovian methods so that your dog doesn’t adapt bad habit of defecating inside. No need to get annoyed with your dog, get this pet gadget and get closer! Buy Pavlovian Puppy Potty Trainer! (Not available)

12. Dog Cooling Bed

Dog Cooling bed acts as a coolant to cool your cool dog during the hot summer! Get the bed and turn the heat off  as your dog would never leave the bed.  This is a necessary requirement for this summer, buy one to reduce your AC bills. Your dog will surely have  a chilled summer! Buy Dog Cooling Bed!

Animal friendly Gizmos!

Here, you have a good list of different genres of gadgets that are efficient and useful for your Fidos! These gadgets make sure that your pet is well maintained and gives you fizzy moments to spend with your Tommy! Pamper your pet with these latest gadgets at Amazon!

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I am fond of dogs and I love to blog about them. When I am free, I write about latest Android Apps & Games at NoxAppPlayer.com as well.


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