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Today many universities and colleges have made it compulsory for the students to undergo industrial training in order to complete their program and earn the degree. And we cannot agree more with colleges and universities. Nowadays having a degree from a reputed college is not enough, companies are looking for candidates having a good and relevant knowledge, practical exposure, confidence, dedication and focus on the work. Industrial training is the best opportunity for students to get exposed to industry standards and gain some perspective of their future. Students should always take full advantage of this opportunity and go for the best industrial training in Delhi.

First, let us understand what is the meaning of the term “Industrial Training”. This training helps any graduate student to experience the work environment of a professional without getting a degree. Industrial Training is very important in the development of practical and professional skills and acts as an aid to prospective employment.


The aim of the industrial training program:

  • To provide the candidates an opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge and skills that they have acquired in the campus in a real-life work situation.
  • To improve the self-confidence of the candidates and tremendously boost it with hands-on exposure to various tools and technologies.
  • To expose the candidate to a professional work environment and increase the employment opportunities in their relevant field.
  • To enhance the candidate’s communication skills within colleagues and get a first-hand perspective of corporate behavior in the industrial sector.


KVCH is the oldest and the finest training provider in the market. For the past 2 decades, they are providing college/university students with content-rich courses. KVCH offers high-quality job-oriented 6 Months Industrial Training Internship for CS-IT/ Mechanical/ EC/ Civil/ MCA / BCA / B.Tech / B.Sc(Cs) Engineering Students In Delhi. The courses are designed in a way that enables the candidates to acquire a powerful combination of new knowledge and skills. For better understanding candidates will get full exposure through the latest and best technologies.

Some of the best characteristics of KVCH 6 Months Industrial Training Internship are:


  • Availability of online training: KVCH not only has an offsite presence but also cater to students willing to study online. KVCH provides online training where candidates will get to meet and interact with other candidates and experienced professors. This makes it simple for the candidate to gain more knowledge and interact with diverse minds.
  • Practical Knowledge: KVCH provides the candidates with a database and at the end of each module they will get the opportunity of working on Live Projects.
  • No fixed schedule: KVCH provides students with flexible timing. Fresher experienced or working, anyone can join KVH. It provides Regular Classes– 5 days a week, Weekend Classes and Fast-track Classes.
  • Qualified Instructors: Candidates will get training from Certified Expert Trainers with 15 to 25 years of Industry Experience.
  • Certification: At the end of the program candidates will be given Globally Recognized Certificate.
  • Placement Assistance:  KVCH provides 100% assistance to the candidates to get placed in top companies. Top companies like HCL, TCS, Tech Mahindra, CMC LTD and many more provide full support to KVCH.


KVCH provides Industrial Training in 35 different courses like:


  • 6 Months Industrial Training in Big Data Hadoop
  • 6 Months Industrial Training in Software Testing
  • 6 Months Industrial Training in CCNA
  • 6 Months Industrial Training in Digital Marketing
  • 6 Months Industrial Training in .NET
  • 6 Months Industrial Training in Linux
  • 6 Months Industrial Training in Ethical Hacking
  • 6 Months Industrial Training in Catia
  • 6 Months Industrial Training in AutoCAD
  • 6 Months Industrial Training in IOT


Career after 6 Months Industrial Training Internship with KVCH Delhi:

At the end of the 6 Months Industrial Training Internship, candidates will be able to improve their knowledge and skills relevant to their areas of specialization and at the same time will get placed with the top MNCs.

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