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Gift Your Partner A Lifetime Of Happiness With Princess Promise Rings

A Promise ring may be looked upon as the first sign of serious commitment between partners in a relationship. It may signify love, or may also be a token of the vows of being committed jointly to something. However, the commonest message conveyed with Princess Promise rings is “I promise that I will go on loving you forever.” If you are really in love with your partner, but are not yet ready to take the vows, you can show your devotion and faithfulness to the relationship with a beautiful diamond ring on your partner’s fingers.

Messages that you convey to your partner with the princess cut promise rings

The Princess cut promise rings may convey a number of different messages to your partner. Some of these include:

  • I promise to remain your friend forever
  • I promise to quit smoking from this very moment
  • I promise to take you as my wife / husband someday soon
  • I promise to love you forever and ever
  • I am serious about our relationship
  • I promise to never break the trust between us

In general, a ring is much simpler and more modest in look and design than an engagement ring, in such cases that the latter is going to replace the former someday in the future. In most cases, those couples that are planning to get married in the near future, reinforce their relationship first with a Princess diamond ring and then with an engagement ring, before putting on the wedding bands in each other’s hands.

Know all there is about the princess cut promise rings for her

You must put the ring in the third finger of the left hand of your partner; if you intend to get engaged to her and then marry her, in such a case, the latter rings automatically replace this one. If however, the promise is related to something else, the Princess cut rings for her are worn in the right hand, so that there is no confusion regarding the objective behind the ring.

It is believed that this idea of promising allegiance to each other has come from the Biblical times. It was then that men and women got betrothed to each other, meaning that they were promised to each other in marriage, although the actual marriage might not be carried out for sometime.

Where to get the most beautiful princess cut promise rings for girlfriend?

The most elegantly designed rings are available in most of the jewelry stores, as well as in the online shops. If you are trying to locate that very special Princess cut rings for girlfriend, to show your endless love for her, you can try various designs, both simple and gaudy that you think will suit her the most. You can go for just a simple band in yellow or white gold or silver or platinum; or you may also opt for a jewel studded one, or even a diamond one.


Just commit your relationship and promise with these beautiful rings and bring a big smile on her face.

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