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Harsha Bhogle Taken Off Air For IPL 2016

This year everyone’s favourite Harsha Bhogle will not be seen inside the commentary box in Indian Premier League 2016. The world famous Indian commentator who is in association with Indian Cricket for around three long decades is banned from IPL 2016 season. The termination of his contract was announced a week earlier after the completion of ICC T20 World Cup.

The decision made by the BCCI has made many of the Harsha’s fan disappointed. He was seen at the draft auction of ninth Indian Premier League Auction session and was also included as one of the commentators for 51 day roster duty. Even he had his flights booked by the production house for the purpose. But this sudden decision has led to rose of confusion among several including Harsha Bhogle himself who stated that he himself don’t know the reason behind this decision.

Although the decision to ban Harsha from the @IPL 2016 season was a unanimous decision but at the same time Anurag Thakur, honourable Secretary of @BCCI and IPL Chairman Rajeev Shukla did not issued any statements as why they decided to take Mr. Bhogle out of the season. Again, in a recent press conference, a senior official member of BCCI stated that the the selection of the commentators is based on several aspects. Various feedbacks are taken from everyone including the players and also a commentator’s reaction is noticed while he deals with social media.

Many believes that the crucial decision to ban Harsha Bhogle from commenting in IPL 20Harsha Bhogle Taken Off Air For IPL 2016

16 season is due to an incident which took place during India’s opening World Cup T20 match. It is said that he went into a heated argument with the officials from Vidharbha Cricket Association. Assumptions are being made that this very incident might have been the reason for the BCCI officials to take such decision.

Harsha Bhogle however on the other hand is not satisfied with such decision and stated that none of the officials heard his part of the story. He did not wanted to make any further statement of the BCCI’s decision. According to him a lot of speculation are being made against him after the Nagpur incident where the match of India versus Bangladesh T20 World Cup took place.

It was only after the match when Amitabh Bachchan tweeted that the commentators should focus more on Indian players than any other. However, he did not clarify in his tweet as about whom he is talking about. In this context Harsha Bhogle stated that, “it is possible that  he was referring to me”. Although the assumptions behind this decision will persist for a long but the inevitable decision has already been taken and this year Harsha Bhogle will not be seen in the commentator box.

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