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Hide My WP WordPress Security Plugin – WpWave

All common paths can be changed with Hide My WP WordPress Security Plugin and theme names (not physically changed to avoid the problem of mass).

One of the best solutions for protection against hackers bot through pornography. This is the best way to weaken and save a theme plugin.

Packed with sensitive data on sites with more than 90,000 hacking attacks worldwide, WordPress and WordPress hosting sites, not just large corporate websites per minute, but also small businesses, independent entrepreneurs and individuals who run personal blogs have gone.

For owners of WordPress sites, a kind of WordPress sites are not only personal but also special concerns about the security of WordPress.

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Secret authentication paths like wp-admin, wp-login.php, and wp-login Protect your WordPress site and replace normal WordPress paths such as WP-content, WP-includes, uploads and more.

WPWave Security Features:

  • Hide the WordPress wp-admin URL and redirect it to 404 pages or custom pages
  • Redirect WordPress wp-login.php and hide 404 redirect pages or custom pages
  • WP-Admin and WP-Login URL Changes
  • Missing URL Change Password
  • Change Register URL
  • Change Logout URL
  • Admin Change Ajax URL
  • W WP-Content URL Changes
  • WP-URL included in changes
  • Change URL Comments
  • Change Author URL
  • URL Name Change
  • Plugins
  • Change Subject URL Name
  • URL Category URL Changes
  • Change the URL tag
  • Hide WordPress WordPress HTML comment
  • Hide tag and WordPress version
  • Remove DNS link Preefec WordPress
  • WordPress generator meta clean
  • Captain Convent Beast with Navy Captain
  • Backup and Restore Settings
  • Relative fix related URL
  • Changes in HTML Code Use for Classroom Text Mapping
  • Caching for customizable CSS loading, JS and images loading speed
  • Weekly Safety Check and Report

Pro features of Hide My WP WordPress Security Plugin:

  • To generate two-factor authentication – such as the authentication of mobile phones the code uses Google or you have generated the code.
  • WordPress Salt & Security Keys – iThemes Security Plugin makes it easy to update your WordPress and Solts keys.
  • Malware Scan Scheduling – Your site malware is scanned every day. If no problems are found, you will be sent an email with details.
  • Password Protection – Generates strong passwords right of your profile screen.
  • Password expiration – or be forced to set a maximum password age and select a new password for the user. You can force all users to choose a new password immediately (if necessary).
  • Spammers – Protect your site for Google’s reCAPTCHA.
  • User logging functions – to track when users edit content, login or logout.
  • A great time saver set up WordPress sites – setting up import/export.
  • Dashboard Widget – Pause users from the WordPress dashboard and manage important tasks such as system scans.
  • Compare File Online – When it detects changes to the file, it scans the source file to determine whether the changes are harmful. Currently only works in WordPress core but comes plugins and themes.

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