How Is Christmas Celebrated Around The World

Christmas is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Christ, who believes that Christians are sons of God. The name ‘Christmas’ is derived from Christ’s Mass (or Jesus). A Mass service (sometimes referred to as Communion or Eucharist) is where Christians remember how Jesus died for us and then came back to life. The function of Christ-Mass was allowed after sunset (and the next day before sunrise), so it was at midnight for the people! So people get the name Christ-Mass, which is shortened at Christmas.

People all over the world are now celebrating Christmas, whether they are Christians or not. It is a day when friends and family come together to remember the right things. People, especially children, also like Christmas, because it is time to give and receive gifts!

Christmas is celebrated in many ways around the world, depending on many factors, including the country in which you live, your personal religious beliefs (or lack of), your age, and so on.

In the West, particularly in the US, Western Europe and Australia, shared Christmas customs include:

  • Decorations, lights, trees, garlands, mistletoe, and natural scenery.
  • Santa Claus (or Father Christmas / Chris Kringle / St. Nicholas) is a character who brings gifts for children over Christmas, while he arrives on St. Nicholas Day (6 December) in some European countries.
  • On 25 December, a family meal usually includes turkey, chicken, or ham.
  • Christmas music listening and singing that covers almost every genre and includes topics including winter, gifting, wedding, romance, party, Santa Claus and Jesus Christ.
  • Watching Christmas media, including films and television specials, usually involves friends and families celebrating Christmas together, although some “Christmas” films simply feature Christmas as a background setting.
  • In the Roman Catholic Church, where the “-mas” part of the word Christmas comes, attending a church service, traditionally called “Midnight Mass” at midnight of 24/25 December.
  • Exchanging gifts with close family, friends and sometimes colleagues (often fun games like the White Elephant or Secret Santa).
  • Other seasonal wishes associated with the Christmas season, such as Happy Holidays, Season Greetings, Happy Christmas and Merry Christmas.

While most of these customs originated in Western society, they have been adopted worldwide in recent decades as part of the export of Western culture.

Although historically the “Christmas season” began on 25 December and lasted until 7 January, it often starts in late November or early December in modern Western societies, either ending on 7 January or so. After New Year’s Day.

So whenever you celebrate Christmas, remember that you are celebrating an actual event that happened almost 2000 years ago, that God has sent his son as a Christmas present for all in the world!

 Conclusion: It depends on what you think about Christmas. For me, the Christmas season is about Jesus Christ, so when I give gifts to those I love, the intention behind them is to spread the love of Christ and remember the sacrifice that he gave us. Have shown what true love is. My highest enjoyment is to bring out my native light scene in my front yard, aiming to show everyone what the importance of Christmas should be. His birth, ministry, and death and resurrection to all who believe and embrace this gift of love, as no one else.

So, no matter how much you celebrate, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!

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