How the controversy between Amul and Nandini occurs

In Karnataka, the entry of Amul appeared as an attempt to trample the brand “Nandini.” The GCMMF, Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation, has been facing backlash in Karnataka from local politicians of opposition.

It comes after when the cooperative sells dairy products under the AMUL brand name. Last week, it was announced that they would start selling the products in the state. Read more to know why controversy arises between amul and Nandini dairy products.

What do the Amul tweets

Is tweeted by Amul that a new wave of freshness with curd and milk has come to Bengaluru. The major opposition comes from KMF ( Karnataka milk federation). It sells dairy products in Karnataka under the “Nandini” brand name.

According to reports, it is determined that KMF is the largest second milk procurer in the country.

What is the controversy between Amul and Nandini?

In Bengaluru, Nandini is the largest milk supplier. It covers around 70% of the market in the city. The opposition party believes that “amul” enter in dairy products market to kill the “Nandini” Brand.

  • Nandini keeps their products price low at Rs 39 per liter. However, Amul is expected to enter the same state at a high price.
  • The milk product brand of Amul, Amul Gold, and Amul Taaza will be available at Rs 64 and Rs 54 per liter, said the managing director of GCMMF.
  • The opposition held a protest to protect KMF’s place in the market. The Amul entry appeared as an attempt to trample up on KMF.
  • GCMMF is the largest dairy producer in India. It sells a great variety of products, including curd, milk, cream, and chocolates, under the brand name Amul. In the 2024 year, they aim to touch to revenues of rs 66,000 crore.
  • The entry of Amul in Karnataka was announced as the biggest milk product brand with the help of an e-commerce channel, which led the controversy with the Nandini milk brand.

Inauguration of amit shah and many dairy statements

The protest began when the Union Home Minister, amit shah, come as a merger between the Amul and KMF. In the inauguration of the mega-dairy in Karnataka, Shah said that if Nandini and Amul work together in collaboration, then they will become the primary milk dairy in the coming three years. He also said that if Gujarat and Karnataka come together, then it will benefit farmers in the country

This is the reason why the coming of amit shah is called a merger because he believes in merging the two cooperatives rather than controversy.

Bengaluru Hotels Association supports Nandini.

The Bengaluru hotel association announced that they get Nandini milk to support the farmers of the state. They said that they only promote Nandini milk. They also said that we are proud of Karnataka Nandini milk which is produced by farmers.


The announcement of the entry of Amul in Karnataka led the controversy with the Nandini milk brand. The opposition thinks that they removed the Nandini brand and made their own place, due to which they started the protest to protect themselves.

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