How to Fix an Android that Won’t Charge Properly

Mostly android user faces the problems like their phone does not charge properly or slow charging. It doesn’t mean that your phone’s battery has got some kind of problem like havoc of usb cable.  You should need to upgrade your phone’s software. Here are some useful tips for you if you are facing this problem.

Solution1. Fix the USB Port

Because of an assembling deformity and continuous connecting to the PC, the microUSB port and the USB link can’t reach. In this way, repairing the USB port can be the snappiest and least demanding approach to take care of the issue. In addition, it is likewise the best arrangement. Here’s the way.

  • Shut down your Android PHONE.
  • If conceivable, expel the battery of your Android phone.
  • Use something little, toothpick for instance, to tenderly lever up the little tab inside the USB port.
  • Insert the battery once more.

Solution2. Clean the USB Port

There can be build up, confection, and clean in the USB port of your ANDROID PHONE. A container of packed air can victory such things and clean the USB port with the goal that it can return to ordinary.

Solution3. Attempt the Other USB CABLE

Perpetual flexing and twisting can harm the USB link. Do not use the cable when you are charging your phone.  To begin with, analyze your USB link by attempting an alternate one and see whether it works or not. In the event that it doesn’t, change other USB links and have an attempt.  Always try to not use B rated cables for charging your device.

Solution4. Replace a Battery

Life expectancy of a battery is abbreviated as time passes by. The all the more regularly you release and energize them, the sooner they’ll require supplanting. When your phone’s battery doesn’t charge properly it will automatically not be very sufficient in back-up too.  On the off chance that you battery is still under guarantee, you can assert for a free substitution.

Solution 5. Redesign/Download Android or Software Version

Programming redesigns and ANDROID framework upgrades can demolish the battery life. Attempt to downsize the Android gadget to a prior variant. Be that as it may, once in a while a redesign can enhance the life of your gadget battery. So in the event that you are a long ways behind on your Android application rendition. Check overhaul by going to “Settings” > “About PHONE

By following these useful tips you will definitely get benefit if somehow you are also in this situation. Moreover  try to use some dust proof cover for your phones too so your phone’s look never get dull.

Author Bio: This article is published by Sara Jim who is Sr. Technician and delivery manager at Tablets4Rental which is one of the top ipad and tablet rental service providers in UK.

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