Nature Paintings –The Perfect Option to Adorn Empty Walls

While we scan through art galleries to look for that perfect piece of art that would become a crowning glory of our art collection, we often forget that the way we adorn our place reflect the aura of our personal space. Art pieces lend rooms a distinct mood. Our feelings too are affected by them. Certainly no one wants to bring negativity in their homes. Therefore, choosing an artwork becomes a daunting task. But, that should not deter you from decorating your house with artworks like paintings and sculptures. You can start with exploring from simple nature paintings and later move on to complex pieces of art. Representational characteristic of such paintings, along with various themes and color hues, makes them an ideal option to decorate personal or office spaces.

Understanding Nature paintings
Many artists have tried to capture the beauty of nature since ancient times. They draw inspiration from their surroundings and express their views through artwork. Such paintings and sculptures that represent the surreal beauty of nature are examples of this form of art. Nature paintings are misunderstood most of the times. Most people confuse it with landscape art. Landscape art is not same as nature paintings as landscape art also depicts the architectural buildings in addition to capturing the beauty of nature.

Elements that constitute this art form
Artists use various shapes, colors and textures to create aesthetically appealing nature paintings. They emphasize on narrative that is portrayed. Human figures, animals and natural landscapes are some of the recurrent themes of nature paintings. The main subjects of these paintings are objects that belong to real world.

Nature paintings vs. Photography
Depiction of nature in paintings is a primitive form of art. It has evolved over time. Artists have always been inspired from real world and have always wanted to depict it. However, in recent times, nature paintings have started disappearing. People often blame photography for this disappearance. Nowadays, the real world is available at a click of camera; therefore, artists have started experimenting and have become self-expressive. They do not turn to nature to draw inspiration.

Art for your room
Nature paintings explore various landscapes; thus, it offers a wide variety of works to choose from. No matter what your style is, you can definitely find something that visually appeals to you, artistically inspires you and brings tranquility to your home. Add a colorful painting to an empty wall in your room and feel how it changes the aura instantly. Paintings provide a much needed break from monotonous. Looking at paintings improves concentration and at times, helps us mediate.

If you are new to paintings and want to decorate your home/office with some paintings, you should go through following pointers and start experimenting:

  • If you want your room to be your meditating den, where you can think and recharge yourself for the day ahead, you should opt for paintings in neutral hues and contrasting textures.
    • If you are a glam lover, you can consider glamming up your space by bringing in paintings done in metallic tones. This will give make your room an extension of your personality.
    • You can consider putting a contemporary nature painting to your room to brighten up surroundings. This will keep your room from going too dull or practical.
    • Warm colored paintings make a good choice for rooms done in neutral tones.
    • Natural light helps accentuate paintings done in bright colors. Such paintings impart friendly and heartfelt feelings.

Shun your inhibitions and start experimenting. You will be surprised that a small addition to your walls can enrich the quality of your everyday life.

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