How To Make Your Room Sleep Friendly
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How To Make Your Room Sleep-Friendly

It is possible to cheat your way to a sound sleep by making your bedroom sleep friendly. The chances are that if you are reading this, you already have struggled with delayed sleeping. The good news is that hope is not all lost. Changing a few things in your bedroom can make you drift to sleep quickly. If you find yourself sleeping better in hotel rooms or at a friend’s house, then your surrounding is the cause of your insomnia.

Here are various tips that will help you change your environment.

Change your mattress

Your mattress is the number one contributor to disturbed sleeping patterns. It could be worn out, or youjust got the wrong one for your kind of sleeper. The right mattress should be comforting and at the same time support good sleep. Consider using sleepys  mattresses.

It would be better to get a mattress that can best suit your needs.Before, purchasing it, always make a point of testing.If you can find a shop that allows you to test it for a few days before paying,  you will get a sure deal.

Take a bath.

Take a bath

The National sleep foundation, recommends taking a bath before you sleep as a great way to boost sleep. You have probably spent the whole day running up and down and are likely to be all sweaty by the time you go to bed. A sweaty self is not the best to enhance sleep.When you sleep, you will need fresh air and sweat is very distracting.

Showering before bed also helps in the reduction of body temperature hence cooling our muscles making them relax. A relaxed feeling tends to translate into sleep.

Put your needs first.


Most times especially for women, we tend to put others needs before our very own. We allow other people to do things that distract our sleep without objecting.

If you have children or a partner in the room who snores a lot, help them get specialized treatment. If you have a pet that tends to disturb, you should put it in another bedroom. If you live in a neighborhood that is noisy and complaining doesn’t work. Buy silent white machines that block noises from in and out of your bedroom or noise insulation curtains.

Change your bedroom colors.

Change your bedroom colors

Some colors are soothing. As much as bright colors like white pink or yellow are enticing, they are not suitable for soothing you to sleep well.

The darker colors like muted green and blue have a soothing effect since they are very calm a factor that you need to sleep.

If your bedroom colors are on the brighter side, you need to change them to the calmer darker colors.You might not watch to ditch the bright colors entirely. Use them as accessorize your room on the pillows or rags.

Clear Clutter

Having a lot of items in your room causes uneasiness that disrupts sleep. It makes your room look busy rather than calm.You will be more worried about tripping over them and breaking them. If they are pricy, they will even make you more uneasy.

Clean up your room clearing all the clutter. You can get storage cabinets to store them.You can also use the underbed storage baskets if you are using a frame bed. Clearing clutter will make your room more homely hence encouraging sleep. 

Obtain total darkness.

Obtain total darkness

If you are struggling to sleep at night, you should turn off the lights.Whenyou are in the darkness Melatonin, a hormone produced by the pineal gland of the brain increases making you yawn and drowsy.

When the lights are on Melatonin drops making you alert and almost unable to sleep.You can also consider dimming your lights first to prepare your body for impending darkness.Dim lights also appear to look calmer hence relaxing your body.

Put your devices away.

In the modern world, there is a lot of advancement intechnology, and everyone is looking to own the latest device.You will find yourself holding a laptop, phone, iPad, digital clock that you tend to use all the time.

All these devices tend to light up now and then, it can be very distracting making you have trouble sleeping. Putting these devices reduces destruction that helps you have a well deserve and interrupted rest.

You might also be tempted to have a TV in the bedroom, which is a bad idea. Watching TV keeps your mind occupiedpreventingyou from sleeping when it is required. ConsiderkeepingTV time to the living room and discipline yourself to put it off when you sleep. Engaging in light activities like Yoga rather than TV will boost your sleep.

Choose the right beddings.

Choose the right beddings

Your bedroom should be the comfiest place on earth. You should choose a bedroom that abide by this rule — the first thing to consider when buying beddings are the materials.

You should choose materials that feel good on your skin. Linen or cotton materials are the best suited for this purpose. They tend to be softer on the skin causing relaxation that translates to sleep.

You should also consider your health. If you have allergic reactions, you should avoid beddings made of polyester, nylon or spandex. Choosing to bed with these materials will make you uncomfortable and unable to sleep.

Room temperature.

The room temperature can affect your sleep in all the wrong ways. A standard room temperatureof 16-23 degrees Celsius is recommended for a good night’s sleep. Temperatures higher or colder than that leads to disturbed sleep.

When temperatures are high, consider using a fan or open your windows to cool your room. You should also consider reducing the beddings.

When the temperatures are lower, you need to consider adding beddings to your bed, heat your room or dress more heavily when you go to bed.


The condition of your bedroom should not limit you from getting enough sleep. Making changes to some of those areas that are distracting rest in your space will not only turn your bedroom into a very cozy haven but will also make you look forward to sleep. These changes have put your design preferences in the front line too.

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