How to make your savings grow by 51% with Bajaj Finance FD?

Fixed deposits have been a favourite with Indian investors for decades as they offer incredible investment security and admirable profits. Besides the security and returns, FDs in India are not entirely illiquid. This is of key importance because you can invest and still access your money, without any hassle, in exchange for a small fee.

Further, remember that while a savings account offers liquidity, FDs offer higher returns for the same level of security. When you are smart about investing in one, you can earn incredible gains with little to no effort on your part. Moreover, if your goal is to grow your wealth steadily and substantially too, don’t overlook a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit.

Take a closer look at what’s in store when you choose Bajaj Finance.

Use the FD calculator to tailor your investment

An especially effective tool you should make use of is the FD Maturity Calculator. Before you settle on a tenor, use the calculator to compute your earnings. As this FD has a fixed interest, you are guaranteed these returns and you can safely use the results to know how much you’ll get on maturity, and whether or not these returns tie in with your goals.

Furthermore, as you adjust the tenor and investment amount to find the ideal combination to meet your goals, you’ll notice that the interest rate changes on the basis of the tenor and your investment profile. Use this to your advantage to bag the best possible deal.

Invest and get up to 51% ROI as a regular investor

To enjoy the best returns as regular investor, the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit is your best bet. You can get up to 51% returns on your investment amount by simply investing in a 60-month FD as a new customer. To understand this better, take a look at an example.

Consider that you have invested Rs.1 lakh for 60 months, with interest payable at maturity. You are entitled to 8.60% interest and at the end of the tenor, your total earnings will be Rs.1,51,060 thanks to the power of compounding. As you may notice, your earnings are 51% of the investment amount, a total of Rs.51,060. Therefore you can use this FD to plan for asset purchase, the down payment on a home, home renovations or education expenses and raise the necessary amount with ease.

Invest and get up to 53% ROI as a senior citizen investor

In case you are a senior citizen investing in this fixed deposit, Bajaj Finance offers an even higher rate of interest on your investment amount. When you invest for at least 36 months with interest payable at maturity, you get an interest rate of 8.95%, 0.35% higher than what regular investors get. In fact, you can make the most of your FD investment when you opt for a 60-month tenor. This is because this investment duration offers you interest amounting to a whopping 53% of the investment amount. Take a look at an example that illustrates this.

Consider you’ve invested Rs.5 lakh for 60 months with interest payable at maturity. The interest rate that you are eligible for is at 8.95%, and at the end of your 5-year tenor you will earn Rs.2,67,549 as interest, raising your total to Rs.7,67,549. When you compare the interest to the initial investment sum, you’ll find that your return on investment amounts to over 53% in 5 short years.

This massive gain of Rs.2.67 lakh is immensely valuable in your golden years as it can fund emergencies, allow you to indulge in hobbies, travel, meet healthcare costs and take care of unexpected expenses without any stress.

Make multiple investments at varying tenors

Another effective way of augmenting your wealth through FDs is to make multiple investments of varying tenors. This way, you enjoy the full benefits of matured investments through the years and have access to liquid funds too. In this scenario, you can enjoy liquidity at periodic intervals without having to make premature withdrawals.

Now that you know how Fixed Deposit with Bajaj Finance is an incredible investment avenue that helps you augment your wealth, note that it keeps your money absolutely safe too. Besides the generous returns, you can also enjoy the highest level of safety as this FD has CRISIL’s FAAA and ICRA’s MAAA ratings. These are indicative of a perfect track record and investment stability. Additionally, Bajaj Finance makes investing easy. All you need is Rs.25,000 to get started and you can apply in minutes. Simply fill an online form to begin investing. A representative will get in touch with you and help you complete the process.

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