How to transport your golf cart?

Moving from one city to another comes with its own problems. Especially when you have to move your beloved vehicles to a different place. The sport utility vehicles such as a golf cart are very delicate and should be taken very good care from the moment it is loaded till the time it is delivered at the door step of the new destination.

To ensure a hassle free, flawless shipping of your golf cart follow the below rules –

Choose the right carrier- Most of your work is done if you find a capable carrier to do this job of yours. Ask around, read reviews, research on the internet and then finally choose the best movers that are suitable for your needs and demands. When you are selecting a company, the feedback s from their past clients are very helpful.

Compare rates- Set up a budget in your mind. You must fix a price that you can afford. First, shop around for several price quotes of different golf-cart transporters. You may have an open budget, but try saving as much as you can. When you can get top notch service at a lower price, why should you opt for higher price? Do not forget to ask questions and know what all services are included in the package.

Ready your golf cart for transport- So, you have found a reputed company for the Golf cart transport . Now you must get your golf cart ready for the journey. As soon as you strike the deal, begin to clean your cart. Wash and clean the golf cart. Write down if there are any previous damages on your vehicle. If possible take pictures of your vehicle as evidence.  Every dents and scratch is important. There are basically two types of golf carts, one that is gas powered and one that is electric powered. If your cart is electric, fill the tires and re-charge the battery before the shipment. Remove all the fluids of the golf cart.

Insurance- Always find a shipping company that takes the responsibility of liability and insurance issues that arise in case of mishaps. The companies will have to pay for any damage that occurs during the transit.

The process of Golf cart shipping is just like any other vehicle shipping. The shippers must take care not to harm any part of the vehicle and should deliver the cart on time at the required place.

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