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How to Use Mannequins to Improve Your Store Interiors

An impressive and appealing interior design of any retail store can play a vital role in the success of a retail business. Retail shop owners invest several thousands of dollars every year in renovation and redesigning of their shop interiors. Mostly retail owners keep changing their store themed environment frequently to show the diversity. Although interior designing is equally important for any retail store however when you are talking about any fashion retail shop, it becomes even more important. Fashion retail stores like clothing stores, jewelry stores or any other shops which sell fashion related items use an impressive and glossy interior designing to make their shops environment appealing to their customers.

If you are going to redesign or improve the internal look of your fashion store then one of the most important things from which you can take a start is changing your mannequin collection and replacing it with some latest models of simple or poseable mannequins. These are basically human body like dummies which are used for displaying clothes, hats, caps or other fashion items. Mannequins are one of the most dominant parts of your shop and mostly customers see the mannequins and the products being displayed on them first whenever they visit your store. So having an impressive collection of mannequins you can improve your store look. Here are few things you can consider while reforming your display window by changing some or all of the mannequins.

Plan your Display

Just keeping a bunch of mannequins is not sufficient to achieve a better internal look of your store. You must plan it first so that you can use your mannequins to display your products in an effective way. While planning it you can consider that how many mannequins you may need for your shop and of which style, size, gender or pose. Usually, store owners use a bunch of mannequins in a group at their display window and very few mannequins they keep at their store randomly. You can mark the places where you want to display mannequins and then count it to figure it out that how many mannequins sets your shop requires.

Select your theme

Once you have decided that how many mannequins and dress forms you may need, now its time to plan the colors and styles of mannequins. You can consider your shop internal color and find a mannequin in contrast color. You can also choose different stylish and unique looking mannequins to make your display window more attractive.

Dressing & Placement:

After choosing your mannequin collection now it’s time to dress it in clothes and garments you want to promote. For this purpose, you must plan the dressing of mannequins first. You can consider several fashion items and can display them all on a single mannequin. This way you are not only saving space at your display window but also making your mannequin more effective and appealing. Once you have dressed your mannequins in some latest fashion clothing now its time to place it at appropriate places of your store. You must display your mannequins where your customers can have direct contact with them. Your mannequins must be highly visible for your clients. Using a group of mannequins of different genders and styles is also a great idea to make a natural looking display set at your shop

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