Human Capital Management: The Role of Chief human Capital Officer

The most important element of an organization, are the living souls that imbue it with the ethics of labor and spirit. The deeper this work-intensive credo is rooted in the psyche of the manpower, the greater will be the heights that the organization is going to achieve in terms of success. These aforementioned lines engulf within their words the very nature of human capital management. Technically, it is the retention of that personnel who make an enterprise as valuable, which goes to definition and responsibilities of the chief of human resources.

Having a look at the Government and their faculties of human retention allow to learn from those at the top. In the dynamics of human resources, chief of human resources holds the key to the management of federal employees. In the USA for example, Homeland Security Act of 2002 has appointed 24 agencies who will be responsible for the appointment of top-brass officers who shall be obliged to supervise human resource operations. all of the officers appointed through such means, go ahead and decide the fate of human resource policies that are to be enacted in all the agencies.

Chief of human resources takes it upon themselves to instigate policies which are employee friendly in nature. Alongside the development of the organization, it is they who make sure, that the careers of their workforce and the collective success of the company, go hand in hand. The following formulate the major chunk of their regular day in an office:

  • Maximizing the potential of employees.
  • Understanding and complementing the workforce diversity.
  • Setting the terms of Human Capital Management right for the company.
  • Retaining intellectual properties developed by employees.

Top candidates with the best qualifications are shortlisted and thereupon a process of vigorous interviews is taken up where in the caliber of the individual is tested. Such people should have a blemish free and impressive background in human resource initiatives, goal implementation & employee performance results. Moreover, they should be able to garner relationships and most important they should have in-depth knowledge of how the federal system works.

Chief of human resources is a position which has shown its importance to the government in ways more than one. After all, managing almost 2 million employees and contractors which are a hundred thousand and counting. They are the guardians who make sure that one is developed from being merely an individual to a full-fledged professional.

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