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In A Beautiful Gown Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is still in Miss World hangover

Beautifully dressed in teal-colored strapless gown, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan recently came in fashion show to launch beauty products. The 42-year-old actress stepped on the stage in designer gown with matching make-up and nice shoes. This designer gown holds the label of Lebanese label Azzi and Osta, the designer brand that are still warming up many leading Indian actress now-a-days. Recently Malaika Arora has been seen in their designer gown is some function. Though Aish’s style was perfect for the event but she still tries her best to be like beauty pageant when she had first walked the Red Carpet in Cannes festival 15 years back.

The princesses look appearance with bun hair style and heavy make-up doesn’t suit these days beauty contest and also in the modern world. The Miss World beauty contest has changed magnificently after Aishwarya’s win 1994 and after that ‘beautiful’ is defined freshly on the basis of excellent beauty with suitable make-up along with intelligence and physical fitness. But Aish is still in the 90s beauty mania with gorgeous gown and heavy make-up.

In A Beautiful Gown Aishwarya RaiBachchan is still in Miss World hangover

From this it is always our doubt that the brand ambassador of a leading beauty brand, Aishwarya, is still in the Miss World hangover and is not ready to come out of it. This is because the heavy make-up as well as this junky dress not at all suits to now-a-days glamour world environment. As the younger generation these days prefer light smoky make-up with a suitable slim gown. That’s why when Aishwarya dressed herself in gorgeous gown and heavy make-up people stare at her with bewilderment. And the question is why she dressed herself like this when she looked sober in some light and simple make. People have praised her soberness in make-up in many of her earlier movies such as Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Devdas and Josh and not only these she also looked fabulous in the last year Festival de Cannes.

God has blessed this green-eyed beauty with a gorgeous look with a perfect shape that none of the designers dress looks expensive in compare to her beauty. Hence it is proved that no one can take out the beauty pageant from her, but the opposite can be possible. Thus it can be said in this context that still she cherishes the memories and recognition of being the most beautiful woman in the world wherever she dressed herself in designer gown.

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