7 Decor Ideas For Your Indoor Birthday Celebration

Indoor birthday celebration can actually be more fun and exciting than they may sound! 

You have free reign to choose your own decor, your favourites for the menu, drinks, music, and your guests for the event, which is less of a party but more of a private experience. Of course, an indoor party has its own perks over your celebration at the club or cafe. You can plan the party in line with your personal taste, and as long as your gang is awake, there is no time constraint to enjoy your time to the fullest. You can add extras to your party, such as keeping a dress code or playing games to keep the spirit of your party alive and chilled. So, here are some ideas on how to keep the decor of your fab and fun indoor party.

  1. Flowers

Flowers have that amazing ability to lighten up anything and everything. They signify love, joy and help in maintaining the party aura. You can use natural and fresh garden flowers or you can use paper flowers as per your convenience and taste. Needless to say, both look equally amazing. You can also prepare a bouquet made up of the favourite flowers of the birthday person, say, Roses or Tulips.

  1. Foil Curtains

Foil Curtains are just the perfect party décor available. They undoubtedly add the much needed glamour to your party. You can choose from the range of colours available as per your party theme. You also have the choice of pairing them with balloon decorations in the room. It is indeed a very simple yet decorous, easy and a handy party décor.

  1. Photo Backdrop/Chipboards

Being able to use photographs as you want is an amazing choice you get when throwing birthday party in a room. You can choose from using a grand photo backdrop or using small but many photos for making photo chipboards, both being beautiful in their own way. Enhance the decoration with this visual impact and make your party presentation unforgettable. Set the stage and rock the party!

  1. Balloons

Don’t Balloons and parties go hand in hand? Parties are incomplete without Balloons. Balloon decorations in room can now be done in numerous ways. You can choose among latex, foil or bubble balloons in any color you like. Fill up the latex balloons with helium gas and let them fly. This will give you a great balloon ceiling as a balloon party decor. Cluster up balloons to form bouquets and wreaths for the wall. You also have the option of decorating them as balloon arches, a balloon garland or balloon pillars. Combine colours like red and black or silver and purple to give your party a classic look.

  1. Strings of Fairy Light

Fairy lights are perfect for any occasion. They resemble twinkling stars shining beautifully giving a unique and fine balance of light that a party requires, not too dim and not too bright. They are cool to touch, do not produce much heat and are eco friendly too. You can hang it around the wall, use it with the photo chipboard or with the balloon decorations in the room. Safe to use and being affordable, they serve as a pretty delight to eyes when looked upon. Lights make people happy and surely will lift your party’s energy and mood as well.

  1. Candles

Candles are unique in their own way and yes, we all agree to this. Scented candles can be used to give an aromatic ambience. Candles of different size, shape, colour and fragrance are available to add to the beautiful evening. They give a sense of divinity and purity. You can even use the candles along with flower petals to make an entrance for the birthday person or to write some message conveying birthday wishes or your love for them.

  1. Indoor plants

You can complement your party decorations with some greenery around. It will make your party feel fresh and will contribute to its aesthetic appeal. Not only they enhance the overall appearance of your party, they also purify the air inside, boost up your mood, reduce your fatigue and of course, increase the beauty around. Peace Lilies, Anthurium plant, Aloevera, Philodendron plant, snake plant or the Chinese water Bamboo plant are a few you can choose from. Being low maintenance, they are surely going to lift the energies around your occasion.

So, now that you have so many ideas to decorate and enjoy in your own space, we’re sure you aren’t going out for a party for some time now! 

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