Know the different types of tent available for camping trips

These days, there have emerged several types of tents of various makes and models. When tent size is concerned, it is often stated to be described by maximum individual numbers that it will be able to accommodate. Hence, this is an aspect that needs to be considered, while renting out the tent.

Variety of tent fabrics

One can come across tents created from variety of fabrics, besides the traditional canvas type.

  • PVC coated tents: For this type of tents, PVS is used to coat, so as to make the tents waterproof and strong. However, the only disadvantage of such tents is its added weight and to form condensation on plastic coated fabric. For any type of coated fabric, condensation is likely to become a major issue. Therefore, ventilation in such tents is an absolute must.
  • Canvas: High quality tents are created from cotton materials. However, they have become rare nowadays. The main disadvantage of such tent is that the weight that it possesses when compared to modern, man made fabrics. But the smell within the tent created from cotton is something that wonderful. Cotton is said to breathe naturally and hence, is considered to be less susceptible towards condensation when compared to modern fabrics.
  • Polyester: This type of tent can be found with variety of coatings. Majority of the safari tents manufacturers in India offer own coatings with different names. It will be essential to identify breathable coating type which will allow air to pass through, however, stopping moisture. It should not shrink or baggy if wet or affected by sunlight.
  • Polycotton canvas tent: Natural cotton that is blended with polyester is able to offer lighter fabrics of similar length. Being much similar to that of cotton, it can be used in uncoated manner, however, treated for repelling water.
  • Nylon: It is undoubtedly the most simplest of all tent materials and also the cheapest. But water is not absorbed by it. It means that fabrics are created lighter. But ultra violet light can attack it. Therefore, if exposed to strong sunlight, its lifespan is sure to be shortened. Special light filtered coatings when used can reduce this effect.

However, in the market, there is not yet created and supplied tent fabric which can be termed to be fireproof. There are several tent makers who might claim that the fabrics sold by them are fire retardant. One has to understand the fact that all tents are susceptible to get burnt. Hence, tools having open flames are not to be used near or inside the tent as it will be extremely unsafe and cause unwanted and unfortunate accidents.

Tents available for events

The reputed and experienced safari tents suppliers can be relied upon to offer variety of tents for accommodating for various types of trips and people. The tents supplied will be ensured that it will take care of all types of weather and nature that prevails in the particular area, where the camping trip is planned. The attendees are sure to feel relaxed, comfortable and satisfied upon using the tent throughout the trip.

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