Making Collage Photos isn’t Rocket Science! Learn it Now!

Would you like to make collages online, but are intimidated by the process? The good news is that it’s not as hard as you think. Typically, a collage maker online will do the trick. With premade templates and the following five easy steps, you can make your own beautiful collages in no time at all. All you need is some free time and an Internet connection. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Find Great Photos

What makes for a great collage? It’s all about having high-quality photos. The best way to do that is to have great photographs taken professionally.

If you prefer, you can choose the route of professional photographer-grade photos. However, hiring a professional photographer can be expensive. You usually have to spend at least $200 or so, depending on your location and how many images you want.

But there are ways around these costs: if you attend photo sessions with friends, family members, etc., maybe one of them will give you some great shots for free.

Or maybe you live near an event that has photo booths, where hundreds of people get their pictures taken during just one day. Many of these events let anyone walk up and take pictures; afterward, they sell digital copies of them online.

If you don’t feel like taking your own photos, you can always opt for stock images.

Step 2: Choose your Background Image

Now that you’ve figured out how you want your final photo to look (see step 1), it’s time to choose your background image within a collage maker online tool.

Why Backgrounds Matter:

This is a great approach if you plan on cropping your photos into many different shapes or adding text over top of them.

You should have an idea of how your final product should look unless you have an extremely basic idea.

It makes sense to first do some research by looking at samples others have created with a collage maker online. Especially before committing hours of time to create something yourself.

Remove Backgrounds.

To remove the background, select the magic wand from your toolbox, and click on all of the different parts of your photo that you want to be removed. It’s important to do as much as you can at once, but some images may need more work than others.

Making Great Collages – Step 3: Edit & Add Text

Now that you’ve selected your background, you can easily edit, crop, and add text to your chosen photos. ..Talk about some work!

This is what makes a collage maker online so grand. In fact, many are quickly finding out that you can create your collages in literally minutes. Editing and text tools has never been so easy!

Making Great Collages – Step 4: Sharing with Friends!

Now that you have your masterpiece created with a collage maker online, it’s time to share it with friends and family. You can either send them a picture or post it on your social media accounts.

Use any number of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest etc. Be sure to tag your friends who are part of it too! If there is something specific they did that you want to give credit for, add their names to it as well. Let’s show our admiration by liking what they did!

This will not only encourage them to create more but also spread their work all over social media for everyone else to enjoy. Once you’ve created an awesome collage, you can either share it on Facebook or save it for later.

If you choose to save it, click Download This Photo under your original collage image. Next, select Save to Camera Roll and then Save on your iPhone or iPad. Go back to Instagram or your browser and find your newly downloaded photo.


Final Word

A collage is an image, object, or composition of different elements that are stuck together.

The word collage comes from French and means glue. Originally used as a way of presenting images on the wallpaper, collage became popular during World War I when artists started using found materials to express political views, say, or bring attention to environmental issues.

Artistic use of the term has come to include mixed media art works where the original material is cut, assembled, painted over, attached to other objects, added upon with sculptural additions, etc., thus constituting another form of visual art.

While using a collage maker online to combine photos might be simpler than you think, there could still be some steps you need to follow if you want your work results to look professional.

When planning a project, some things should be kept in mind: Is your work going to have a theme? Will there be more than one element? How do you want your collage photo to come out?

After answering these questions, prepare a sketch of what you have in mind on paper. Use big sheets of plain paper so there is enough room for several sketches until you find an idea that works well for your project.


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