Making your New Year celebrations cooler this year!

The time when people beat the cold weather and celebrate the end of a period and the beginning of a new one is just around the corner! People are shopping for the warmest and trendiest winter wear but they are also keeping an eager eye on the latest party wear collections because New year bashes are not just regular events, but they are ones in which memories of the old year are remembered and hopes for the new ones are made! Every year, billions of people all over the world celebrate this occasion in their own preferred way. Some like to keep it simple a quiet and take time off work and friends to user in the New Year with just a few family members and only the closes of friends. But the majority chooses to celebrate with their friends in happening spots such as pub, lounges, open-air parties, farmhouses, and other such social places with tons of food, drinks, and loud music.

If you belong to the second category of revellers, then there is something else you need to do apart from selecting from the best New Year parties in Mumbai.

  1. Pick the right dress – The party is surely going to be a fun event with several people in it, but you need to be wearing the right clothes to be able to enjoy it! Otherwise, you may end up spending all your time holding up your trousers or pulling down your shirt. It would be best to wear trendy but more clothes for events being held in open spaces. Opt for thin or short clothes for indoor events. Select clothes according to your body shape so that you don’t have to feel miserable about wearing ill-fitting clothes on the D-day! Most importantly, love the skin you are in and select clothes are comfortable and make you feel good. Not all fashion trends are good always!
  2. Drinks – Select those drinks that you like and the quantity that you can handle. Getting sloshed on the main day will make you feel really nauseated throughout the party and you’ll miss out on most of the fun or do embarrassing things that may also be uncomfortable for others! Make sure you collect drinks from the bar yourself or from someone you know and trust to avoid falling victim to spiked drinks.
  3. Transport – Select the mode of transport and a designated driver if you’ll be using your personal vehicles. Make it a safe and stress-free event so that one person can limit the drinks she or he has while the others can drink, dance and enjoy the party to their heart’s content!
  4. Company – Go with people you are familiar and comfortable with. Rather than spending the last few hours of the year with a person or people you don’t like and spoiling your evening, stick to small, less popular, but familiar and a comfortable crowd so you can have maximum fun with zero worries.

Safety and fun go hand in hand. So, this New Year’s Eve, spend a few extra minutes in selecting your venue and company carefully and you’ll ring in the next year with a big smile and good memories!


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