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Many Lives Affected Due to Extreme Drought Declared by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court reveals that due to draught in India at least 330 million people are affected showing negative impacts on the overall lifestyle of Indian citizens. The poor farmers are desperately facing huge losses and the entire country is suffering from water crisis that’s making life difficult. People are now looking for some rays of hope that would again bring back the normal way of life eliminating all the intricacies. Due to loss of crops, people may also face shortage of food that would make the complete situation critical. It’s continuously becoming difficult to survive and thus people are praying for some rain that would improve the situation a bit.

PS Narasimha, who is recognized as senior government lawyer revealed that almost a quarteMany Lives Affected Due to Extreme Drought Declared by Supreme Court

r of India’s population is being affected by drought that engulfed about 10 states. After monsoon served two consecutive years this year the scorching heat of the Sun has made life difficult across the states over India. He even said that funds were already released by the government to help the affected areas supplying adequate food and drinking water to save the precious lives. In the rural areas farmers and other member of families are walking quite long distances to get drinking water that really comes out as a hectic schedule. Media is putting such painful pictures of the drought affected states in India where live becomes a curse to humans.

An NGO has approaches Narendra Modi’s government to come up with relief for the extremely affected states in India. There is also news of death due to heatstroke that happens because of high temperatures hitting Eastern, Central and Southern India in the recent times. Every year hundreds of poor people die due to excessive heat that really comes out as a bad news every year.

The special relief commissioner of Odisha state also said, “We had never recorded such high temperatures in these months in more than 100 years,” The meterological department warned Odisha and other 2 states about the upcoming heat that would rise up to 45 degree Celsius. All the schools in Odisha declared holidays and people from Howrah in Wes Bengal already came out with protest due to shortage of drinking water. Baren Das, an official from Municipal Corporation Howrah revealed “Several hundred residents of the city of Howrah on Monday blocked an arterial road to protest inadequate supply of water,”

Politicians are on a strong argument deciding how to fight the situation getting rid of the difficulties arising due to extreme heat.

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