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Monstrous Terrorist Attack On The Bastille Day Celebration

The Incident Of Attack:

On Thursday Night, when the city of Nice was occupied in celebrating the Bastille Day, a truck trespasses the promenade and killed at least 84 people in a monstrous attack. The mass was aware of the type of the celebration of the very day. They knew that in the occasion, there would be a few rounds of shooting in respect of the graveness of the day. That is why, at first the people couldn’t imagine actually what was going to happen.

Experience Of An Eyewitness:

The eyewitness Indian honeymoon couple have shared their experience and said that being aware of the occasion they didn’t mind anything at first when they heard the sound of the firing. They thought that to be the part of the occasion, which is quite expected. But very soon they can understand their mistake when they saw the others to rush madly here and there in search of a shelter. The couple rushed out of the restaurant and started to escape from the firing place into a safer side amidst the madding crowd stamping the heap of the dead bodies. Not only this couple, the experience resembles many of the couple, who went to visit the occasion of Bastille Day celebration.

About The Gunman:

The news source has said that suddenly a truck enter into the location and stated rash firing aiming at the mass and killed at least 84 people including 15 children on the spot. Among a hundreds of injured, 50 people are fighting with death in the hospital. Finally the gunman was shot dead by the cop. The man possesses the French identity card but actually he is a Tunisian born. His name is Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel. It is known that the man had been suffering from depression after his wife left him. The father of three children Mohamed was a less talking rude man. His wife left him before a few years because of his weird behaviour. The neighbours of the man also have said that he used to live alone and was weird in behaviour. He used to work as an ice cream deliveryman and used to hire lorries for the purpose. There were many prior complaints of violence against him but there was no clue to have any terrorist contact against him. Therefore, he was not under observation as a terrorist. He was engaged into a quarrel a few months ago in the month of March but there was no clue have been involved in this kind of mass killing.

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