MyJio Download for Managing your Jio Accounts

MyJio Download for Managing your Jio Accounts

MyJio is the application by Reliance and it needs to be downloaded by every Jio users. Everyone who is having Jio connection or Jio device must have this application on their Smartphone so as to access and manage their Jio Account efficiently. From checking the usages to monitoring the calls, SMS and even recharging the Jio Account everything is possible with this single application. However, you need to have this application downloaded after you purchase the Jio number or device. The login process of the application is very simple and easy and you are required to login manually as it comes with auto-login feature. It checks the credentials of your Jio account once you install it and login itself automatically. This is the virtual customer service centre from where you can get all the details regarding your Jio Account. So, MyJio Download is necessary for all those people who are having an Jio Account.

MyJio Download for Android!

The application is free to download and use. It comes with auto-login feature which makes the process of login easier and faster. Moreover, all Android users with Smartphone and Jio account must get MyJio Download on their respective device. MyJio App is easily available from the Google Play Store and the downloading process is also like other applications.

  • You are simply required to login with you Google ID to the Google Play Store
  • Search for the MyJio App by searching it manually in the search bar of Google Play Store
  • Click on the icon of the MyJio App and wait it MyJio Download is over.
  • After the downloading process is over, the installation will start and this may take few minutes to get completed.
  • After the downloading and installation of the MyJio App is over you are required to launch the application by double clicking on the App Icon available on the home screen
  • It will take few minutes to login automatically. A verification code will be sent to the Jio Number and it will read the code automatically and you will be logged in. Thereafter you will be able to access the features of the app and also monitor the usage and account details of the Jio Number or device from the app itself

What are the Prime Things you Can Do With MyJio App?

  • The MyJio App allows the users to manage their account directly from the app without having to visit the Jio Store in person
  • You can download and update any Jio App directly from MyJio application
  • It also allows you to link multiple Jio account and manage them right there from one single application
  • Paying monthly bills and recharging the Jio accounts is possible directly from the application itself
  • It also has DND preferences which you can opt for to avoid getting the notifications and SMS for any recent updates in the MyJio Apps

These were some of the things you can enjoy if you get MyJio Download on your device.

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