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New Government Policies to Track False Online Blogging

For past few years, the world as we know has been entirely taken away by the storm of social media or online market. According to the recent studies around 90% of the population go offline to check the news, updates and stay updated? As a result, web platforms have become the major source of information for the entire population. Moreover, because we are living in a large global society it is mandatory to maintain generation the online presence so as to keep pace with mob all around.

Gone are the days when people used to sit holding the piece of newspaper for hours. Today the life has become hectic and they prefer reading the news while they are on the run. While, social media websites and e-paper are serving as the effective tools in updating the people, they are also becoming the false news providers in many ways. As a result, they are providing false news to the people.

No doubt, the web facility has contracted the whole world to a great extent, but the false use of it has also not left behind in spreading rumors and tracking off the common mass. With increasing false posts and news blogging on the internet, the government has now planned to keep a close check on the posts and blogs posted online. There are plans to set up a particular social media cyber cell to contradict pessimistic news.

However, with an increase in the false blogging, the government is trapping the young generation or the future of the nation in the net of unawareness. False blogging has discouraged the news readers and ultimately they lose their interest in the same. Since, if the young generation will not be educated it may be a great loss for the entire nation.


The government has planned to take actions against the false news spontaneously through news, press releases, press conferences, briefings, depending on the intensity of the posted news.

The governments in other countries have by now many actions and have used many strategies to correct the false news and prevent false blogging. And the projects associated to bring improvements have also got the successful results. However, it is something very important for the government to amend as false blogging can be the biggest cause of the emerging problems and threats in the nation. While the new technology will not only be tracking the false blogging rather it will also keep the record of the “past pattern” and will track if there are any biases from the side of any particular writer or a blogger.

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