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New reasons to travel by train in India

Our country is a place of culture and rich legacy. Consistently a great many visitors come to India to experience the magnificence of the place. On the off chance that you are getting ready for an outing in this excursion, at that point it’s the perfect decision to travel your goal point in the train. Travelling by train with your loved ones is the joyous experience especially in India. Because of the newest flavour of tea, which is served on the train is the best experience. Be that as it may, a train travel is the most eminent outing you at any point had in life. The magnificent friendliness on the train could be a noteworthy time spent through with your friends and family. The most rich hand crafted sustenance could be served on the train. You will truly like the similarity of your excursion and polished methodology of the staffs amid your trek.

NFF – Need for food…

So, during this trip, your need for high-class, quality and hygienic food will be taken care by Railrider. Railrider is such a trusted travel friend when you need to board a rail wiping out your travel blues with precise data relating to your travel and a phenomenal administration offering you food delivery in prepare at our chose stations. So, how do you realize the magic? Here’s it:

  • Enter PNR or Train Number of the train you’re travelling
  • Choose favourite food items from diversified categories from countless items available
  • No hassle of payment, do it via online or cash on delivery
  • Work Hard, Eat Harder!! It’s time for food!!

For the geeks and the nerds to know who does it works, here’s it: You can simply order the food using your smartphone, as the app is available for free on play store or you can order directly from the website or you can even call customer care support or simply ask for a Call-back via a small form. About conveyance, we are experienced campaigners relating to the detail of arrival and departure of trains, we give brilliant train nourishment delivery service without missing out on any stations independent of stop time and the span of the station as we follow sheer exactness. Once you order online, your tension is ours and we take all of the hassle.

Our Collaborators

We have partnered with some of the state-of-the-art firms in the food industry, like Sigri, Wah Ji Wah and others.  Because of our motto to deliver best quality food, we joined hands with only the best eateries and restaurants in the cities that are famous for the hygienic quality and freshness of the meals serve. To establish and maintain customer relationship, we have a 24/7 live customer support that can help you order your food online in train, track it, resolve your queries and heed to your complaints. We now are serving more than 150 stations. Our vision is to expand and provide services to more than 250 stations at the end of the year.

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