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Why Do I Need My Chimney Flue Scanned?

Chimney sweep needs to be done with proper care and perfection. It needs to be sweep as the ash and soot gets collected in the chimney and that may cause dangers such as house fire, chimney fire etc. also it releases large amount of hazardous pollutants which cause several health problems. If the chimney repairs as well as chimney cleaning are not done properly and on time, because of the high pressure of gas and burning coals, the flow of air gets restricted.   Gas in the chimney might inhale through the holes and broken blocks that would lead to the danger of house fire.

To avoid all these dangers and problems related to the chimney, it is necessary to take chimney services once or twice a year. It is better to make use of modern technology with help of chimney repairs experts to get more accurate and long lasting results.

What is a Chimney flue Scan?

In chimney flue scan, the remote image inspection camera is used which is designed in such a way that it can be pushed inside the chimney to observe the condition of the internal parts of it. This camera gives the overview of the chimney interior to the owner and the chimney sweep. This technical advancement has made it easy to scan the areas of chimney that are not visible to naked eyes. It is one of the activities under chimney services. Initially the professionals, before staring the actual chimney repairs, observe the interior of the chimney and plan their work according to it.

Why do I need chimney flue scanned?

Chimney flue scanned and Flue lining is one of the important activities of chimney repairs. It needs to be done to avoid dangers and to get better results.

  • It is very useful to find out the damages in the interior.
  • It reveals the parts that are not easily visible to the human eyes.
  • It gives the idea of the amount of creosote that has gathered in the chimney which ultimately helps you identify the required time and efforts to remove it.
  • The images allow you to plan your work before you start it.
  • It is also mandatory after a chimney fire. It can help with identifying the reason of the fire and the extent of the actual damage.
  • After scanning, you get the written reports and the images that can be used for the insurance claims.

Circumstances under which you should do chim-scan

  • Before buying new property.
  • If there is damage to the chimney because of fire or earthquake
  • When the heating appliances are replaced or heating fuel type is changed
  • If the fire place is not working properly.


Because of the above reasons, the chimney services providers as well as the professionals recommend having a chimney flue scan done, once year, a part of chimney repairs. These scans make it easy for the chimney professionals to identify and understand the damages to the structure of chimney.  With the help of Chimney Sweep’s Chim-Scan video inspection technology, we can provide you a proper view of condition of your chimney’s inside structure.

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