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Orlando Massacre: The Insane Shooter Attacked on the Mass Brutally

The nightclub was flowing in the gay laughter & enjoyment when the insane shooter attacked on the mass ruthlessly. The sudden occurrence of the incident made the mass spell bound. Some of them became shot before they could understand what was happening.

The Horrendous Incident:

The nightclub named Pulse is the biggest nightclub at Orlando in Florida. Like any other week the nightclub was filled with couples & joy seekers. A Latin-themed party was going on in the nightclub & the participants were near about 300. Suddenly, local time at 2:00 am (6am GMT) the shooter entered into the nightclub & started to shoot ruthlessly like an insane. The eye witness Jackie Smith tells,” The shooter had an automated rifle. So nobody stood a chance” with this, she added, she saw in fright that the two girls next to her got shot dead. Then she rushed at the exit madly. At 2:00 am the Facebook page of Pulse, the nightclub wrote that “Everyone get out of pulse & keep running”.

The shooter was carrying an AR-15 assault rifle & a handgun, while entering the nightclub he had a firing exchange with the on duty police working in the nightclub. Then he entered into the nightclub & started shooting madly. When the cop arrived with a gang the gunman took a few people as hostage to the bathroom. Then the cops encircled the building & entrapped the culprit. But within that time about 49 people are killed & 56 people are hospitalized being injured & shot severely. The source says that the figure of death & injury may increase. The police chief Mr. Mina says that the nightmare ended in the local time 5 a.m. He continues that the cops made a few holes through the explosives on the walls of the building to rescue the people struck inside. The people who were able to hide themselves in the other bathrooms & other places, somehow managed to escape from the ominous building through the holes. Finally the culprit whose name is Omar Mateen is arrested by the Florida Police.

Who Is This Insane Shooter:

The police source has revealed that the name of the shooter is Omar Mateen who is from Fort Pierce, a city in Lucie Country. The FBI source reveals that in 2013 Mateen was interviewed for making comments in favour of some Islamic State Groups & Mateen’s father is the supporter of Talibans. His father told that Mateen became “very angry” seeing two men kissing in Miami. Mateen’s ex wife Sitora Yisufi also has claimed that he was mentally imbalanced & he used to raised hand on her for very small issues. After that Mateen got married once again & now he has a wife & a son.

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