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Determined Saina Targets To Secure A Better Place In Rio Olympic

Saina: A Real Sportsman

This winning has given back her self-confidence, as she is a near survivor of a serious injury. This survival & getting back her confidence prove her real sportsman spirit, which never learns to get devastated for long. Saina has proved though downfall is a bitter part of life, yet it can be overcome with such a strong determination & will power to snatch back the success & to ride on it successfully like ever before.

 Next Target:

Like a real sportsman she accepts the truth that for a time being she felt disappointed with the loss of her position as she slipped from world’s no 1 woman badminton player to no 8. This was really disappointing for her but she dis not lose her hope & made a come back to the winning zone once again with the Australian singles open. According to Saina, this victory boosts up her determination to do better in Rio Olympic. From now to till Olympic will be just be focusing on the the training for Olympics because the Broze winner of London Olympic does not want to repeat her mistakes in the coming one in Rio. She genuinely wants to have a better place in Rio than London. The less speaking Saina only says about it, “ All I can Say is that I will go there & give my best”.

Prepartion To Win The Set Determination:

Like any other successful Indian, Saina is also very family oriented person. She dedicates all the credits of her success to her parents & family. With that she never forgets to thank her coaches, guides & trainers. Grateful Saina says, “The best part is my team, comprising Vimal Sir, Rana & physio besides my parents, is very positive”. They help her to be positive in all kinds of situations even when the time does no go in her favour. As she has just survived an injury, she is vey careful about training & practices. The mental & moral support of these people & Saina’s physical endeavor comes out as the success in her life. More over she does not like to be satisfied with a success. She says that she wanted to be faster in winning the title in Sydney in Australian open but still she is happy in her present victory. Besides being a good sport man, the polite & soft-spoken Saina tells showing respect to Abhinav Bindra that she has no disappointment for not being torchbearer in Rio Olympic.

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