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Pick the Water Pump that Meets Your Specific Needs

Do you want to buy water pump to push the water from underground and supply to your building? Then, you need to buy the right modelled Franklin Water Pumps that suit your needs and budget. Each pump serves different purpose. So, you need to compare the features of two to three pumps and pick the one that meets your needs from umpteen options. Undeniably, pumps have made the job of house owners easy.

These water pumps are installed to keep the water issues at bay in rural and urban areas. Based on the purpose of the user, there are two types of pumps available in the market. There include domestic pump and agricultural pump. In addition, these are further categorised into different types.

Domestic pumps

These are ideal to be installed in homes to supply water to the entire building. The flow rate of these pumps is lower and consumes less power over the agricultural pumps. The following are the different types of domestic Franklin Water Pumps available in the market

  • Self-prime regenerative pumps: This pump is equipped with vanes fitted on both sides of the rim to rotate in a circular fashion in the casing. The water is not pumped from the tip of the impeller instead will be pumped from its bottom. These pumps are suited to pump cold water and water that is free from silt and chemicals. This self-prime pump does not require a foot valve to push water from pipelines.
  • Centrifugal pumps: This pump will push water by converting kinetic energy into hydrodynamic energy. The other form of this pump is jet centrifugal pump that uses a sucked water to create jet in order to boost the water drawing capacity from the underground water resources. These are best suited to pump cold water and water that is free from chemicals. You can use this pump to sprinkle water in lawns, irrigation, pushing water from wells and to fill water in the pool.
  • Submersible pumps: This pump is submerged in the water bodies with the motor sealed in a protective casing to avoid motor damage. This is installed in bore wells and open wells. This does not require priming, as these are already submerged in the water.

Agricultural pumps

These pumps are used to pump water to the entire farm land to produce good crops. It is crucial for the farmers to pick the durable Franklin Water Pumps to attain a positive outcome. Types of agricultural pumps include

  • Centrifugal monoblock pumps: This pump converts kinetic energy into hydrodynamic energy. If you want to pump water in a big area, this pump is ideal and efficient due to its high flow rate.
  • Submersible pumps: This pump keeps the priming issue at bay and is a perfect option for farming. This consumes less power and provides high flow rate.


Water issues are increasing day by day, especially during summer. To keep water scarcity at bay, you would need to use, efficient Franklin Water Pumps to push water from underground resource to your farming land and homes. For that, you need to buy the best water pump that meets your needs and budget.

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