PUBG Mobile Season 8: Top 5 Changes That Made The Game Better

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online game where you can play with other players around the world. From past few days, there is a fever of PUBG in Youngsters and children. It has always been in number one in the preference in the game of the youngsters. The creator and the developers of this game never failed to amaze their players with new features and themes in the game.

Last week PUBG season 8 launched with 5 new features and themes. It has made the game more exciting and challenging. It has included weapons, skins, outfits, themes and many more. The season has already started and there are so many things which are creating a buzz in the minds of the players like Bizon gun, ‘Power of the ocean’ theme, ‘Water Blaster’ skin for the scar-L in the gun lab.

Let’s find out the five changes or addition in the game which has made it more interesting:

• PP Bizon gun – It is a 9 mm submachine gun which has a feature of gun’s accuracy. It has 9mm bullets and it can load the bullets in its magazine till 53 rounds.

• HDR mode – This mode will help in better visuals details and smoother gameplay experience. This mode will bring a brighter experience by highlighting the areas.

• Rating protection card – This card will protect the ratings of the players. It includes rating protection card (duration) rating protection card (uses). When the card is active, no rating will be deducted. It only applies to the crown and the below. And thus, the players can save themselves from rating deduction.

FPP and TPP in team DeathMatch – This feature allows the players to play the Deathmatch in both the first-person perspective (FPP) and third-person perspective (TPP). This mode will allow the users to create their room and with room cards.

• Tier transfer – Now the rules for the tier transfer has been updated in the new season 8. Now the tier below gold will transfer into the next season.


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