Putin Decides To Draw Out Forces From Syrian Soil

To everyone’s surprise, Vladimir Putin has recently ordered the military to begin withdrawing a major part of the Syrian forces with immediate effect. The decision comes as an aftermath of the Russian intervention which according to Putin has largely achieved a lot of their objectives. The decision was made official during the peace talk session held in Geneva which aims at putting an end to the five year conflict raging at Syria. It sis to be remembered that the Russia itself happens to be a key ally to the current Syrian President Bashar al-Assad whose office had also given its nod of approval.

When Russia had started the attack, the Syrian Presidents regime was right at the brim of collapse. Now with this intervention, Putin had almost made himself clear of Russia’s interest to assert everything positive in favor of Syria. However, the decision to cut down on the Russian troops might be partly fuelled by the expenses contrary the falling prices of oil. It was also reported that Putin have instructed his foreign minister to assert more on the political frons in Syria.  The intervention shall definitely bring in Syria’s efforts to push the peace talks up to a level when things can be narrowed down to an understandable and mutually agreeable level. With USA offering a guarded decision to Russia’s intervention, things are beginning to look good from close quarters in benefit of Syria.

Vladimir Solovyov said “Mr President, we are living in troubled times, as can be seen by the terrorist attack in Turkey that has left many dead and wounded. What conclusions can we draw and what can we do to stop this wave of terror?”

In response Vladimir Putin said “We need to make a joint effort to combat this scourge. Let me take this opportunity to express my condolences to the Turkish people and the Turkish President. What happened there of course is an insolent terrorist attack, a crime that has caused many victims.”

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