Rahul Gandhi Doesn’t Care About GST, Jobs : Anurag Thakur

In a recent event Anurag Thakur, a respected MP of BJP government, discussed about several vital issues relating to the nation’s interest. This basically includes demoralizing Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and questioning him for his way of approach towards Jawaharlal Nehru University anti-natinal activities. Anurag Thakur who recently claimed wide fame due to his speech at Lok Sabha on patriotism and students, stated that he is quite confused about the intentions of Congress party.

Anurag Thakur who has been selected as a Member of Parliament (MP) from Hamirpur region of Madhya Pradesh under Bhartiya Janta Party questioned about the motives of ABVP who are indulging themselves in saffron Politics. He further referred Congress MP’s as ‘rajawadas’. Pointing his fingers towards Rahul Gandhi, Anurag Thakur clearly asked the young leader as why he willingly took side of the anti-national elements who were raising slogans against India and praising terrorist like Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhaat.

It’s quite confusing for the people of the nation as why a respectful leader like Rahul Gandhi took sides of such people who wants to divide India into pieces. Some students of JNU were found chanting “Bharat ki BarbRahul Ghandi

aadi” and “Khasmir Ki Azaadi” as on 9th February, 2016. Consequently, the present government took action against those anti-national students and arrested the culprits. However, Rahul Gandhi stood against the government stating that it was not a proper gesture to arrest a student from university like JNU.

He clearly stated that what he along with the other MLA’s and MP’s of BJP government are doing along with the JNU alumni is to restore the regularity in the varsity. The Central Government is trying their best to maintain the prestigious image of the institution, which is on the verge of diminishing due some anti-national students and the political parties who are trying to make a politics out of such vital situation.

Also, he mentioned that the young leader of Congress along with his whole members always tries to disrupts session of Parliament whenever the government is trying to bring some motion in favour of the nation and its people. Anurag Thakur tried to convey the message to his rivalries that creating more job opportunities for the aspirants and investing in the different sectors is the only way to develop the nation in much better way.

It’s worth mentioning that he even issued a statement that, “The nation wants to know why Rahul Gandhi is blocking GST?” It is becoming hard for the opposition to digest the fact that PM Modi is trying to increase the atmosphere for growth which not only will help the youngsters to establish themselves but will also promote the nation to reach new heights.

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