Steroids That Are Safe for Women to Use

Most of the steroids that are meant for body-building have a virilizing effect on women. This means women start developing masculine features from continued usage of these steroids. The problem is that- these changes that take place are there to stay forever. This is why steroids are not safe for women to use. Women keep looking for steroids that would help building body without affecting body in the most unpleasing way.

Virilizing effect is exclusive to women since steroids mimic the effect of natural hormone called “testosterone” that is made in men. This hormone is the reason why men have those masculine characteristics. And as obvious as it sounds, if these steroids are given to women more than the body can take it, they would start developing masculine characteristics too.

There is no steroid that has no virilization effect. Every steroid comes with it and you have to careful about the dosage. The most you can do is selecting a steroid that doesn’t prove virilizing for you at all if it is taken under controlled dosage. If you are already using a steroid and are already developing virilizing effect, you should totally stop taking that steroid. You can also change the steroid or change the dosage.

Anavar is touted as the most women-friendly steroid. It yields best of anabolic properties and at the same time has no virilizing effect. If you are planning to take this steroid, you can start with 10mg or 20mg per day every day for 6 to 8 weeks. But this only applies when the dosage is limited and ideal. You shouldn’t expect that it wouldn’t have virilizing effect when you are overdosing.

Primbolan Depot can be another steroid you can use if you are a woman. You can have a dosage of 100mg every week for about 4 or 6 weeks without damaging your health. While it is not as tolerable as anavar, it is still a better choice than other steroids.

The safest thing to do is stick to low doses or at least start with a low dose. Most of the people have a misconception that the higher the dosage is, the better the result. It could be virilizing as well as dangerous for your body. An overdose of these steroids can also cause liver and heart related problems. One more thing that is very important to consider while taking a steroid is the steroid cycle. Make sure to stick to a six-week cycle of your steroid since that’s both safe and effective. Longer steroid cycles come with adverse effects on your body.

Make sure after you use the steroids, you go for a post cycle therapy. This helps your body go back to the natural functions it used to perform prior to having steroids. When you miss post cycle therapy, you are inviting a sharp loss of your muscle mass, which is not what you started takinh steroids in the first place. If you pay attention to the dosage, cycles, type of steroids, you will definitely have good results.

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