Sunny Leone Is Going Sing The National Anthem In the Pro Kabaddi League Caravan

The famous porn queen Sunny Leone had already started a different career with acting in Bollywood a few years back. Now a new feather of singing is also going to be added on her crown in a much different event. Singing is a simple matter for the Bollywood heroines as many of them has already done it before. But here, the main thing is the song she is going to sing. This is because the song is not a simple one but the National Anthem of India.

Sunny Leone: As The Identity Builder:

Sunny Leone, the successful porn star had left her previous profession in order to build a new career with the Bollywood debut in “Jism -2” in the year 2012. After that she has tried hard to prove herself as an actor, not a porn star. Still the controversy didn’t left her and many of the people denied to accept her as an actor. So she has to get into many direct and indirect conflicts to get rid of the restricted image. Now it seems, after these years of struggle, her efforts to elevate her image from a mere symbol, is going take the shape of success with her participation in singing the National Anthem of the country she belongs to in an event, which is not related to the world of acting but to the world of sports. This elevation in her career is no doubt very remarkable.

Pro kabaddi And Sunny Leone:

On the other hand Pro kabaddi League is also an effort to elevate the importance of an ancient Indian sport, which was about to disappear in the darkness of negligence because there was no career prospect in this sport.The Pro Kabaddi League has revived the sport in a higher plane by giving the players the chance to concentrate on the sport in a professional manner.

herself has declared in Twitter that she is going to participate in the National Anthem at Pro Kabaddi League caravan with the brand ambassador of Pro Kabaddi League,Rana Duggubati. Sunny has been practicing the song everyday for a month. At the same time she has sated that she is very excited to participate in such an event. Other celebrities like Madhumita Mohaparta, Rakul Preet Singh, and MerlinD’Souza are going to share the voice with Sunny Leone in the event. It’s a great opportunity for her to involve herself in the different kinds of socialites programs other than acting or Bollywood. Pro Kabaddi no doubt a big platform for her in that respect. Both Sunny and kabaddi are striving to get a significant plane to present them in front of the whole world, who tried to bring down them in the darkness of identity crisis.

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