The 3 Most Useful Categories For Double-Sided Tapes

It may seem obvious, but one of the hidden secrets of business success is taking an operational task, and exploring how to get it done faster, better, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively.  It’s no surprise, then, that so many different types of businesses across the industry spectrum use a veritable treasure-chest of double-sided tapes.

Many people know very well that double-sided tapes have adhesives on both sides – and are therefore most widely used for sticking two surfaces together in a fast, neat, and convenient way.  Many of those people, however, haven’t actually spent much time at all in their life actually applying this simple and yet ingenious technology for their everyday tasks.

However, that could well be because they simply aren’t aware of the various types of double-sided tapes – because we’re not talking about a cheap roll of sticky tape here.  We’re talking about an remarkable range of high quality, precision-designed and manufactured products that are even used in the most demanding commercial and industrial environments – to very great and reliable effect.  In many cases, where powerful screws or rivets may have been the order of the day in the past, specialist double-sided tapes are now doing the same job a lot easier, quicker, cheaper, more conveniently and more productively.

There are double-sided tapes for replacing fasteners in car manufacturing; double-sided tapes to affix glass to housings; double-sided tapes for sealing and waterproofing; double-sided tapes to attach fixtures to walls and floors – and the list is almost endless.

When browsing online, it’s not difficult to read about the most commonly-used categories of double-sided tapes: tissue-coated ones for light general use, stronger acrylic ones for industry, thick polyethylene foam tapes, powerful mounting tapes for impressively heavy objects, plate-mounting double-sided tapes for printing machines, and floor tapes strong enough to keep industrial floor coverings firmly in place.

But we thought we’d break down the dozens of various business-use double-sided tapes into three more useful categories: those for general use, those for industry, and those for craftspeople and other niche users.

  1. General use

It’s almost impossible to overstate just how many products in different shapes, sizes, uses, materials and adhesive qualities all fall under the “double-sided tapes” heading.  But for general, convenient, miscellaneous jobs like putting up charts or affixing items of various kinds, there are so many different options for the material quality and bonding performance to explore.  You’ll be amazed how much blu-tac, normal sticky tape, nails, screws and other solutions you can tuck away in a box once you find a double-sided tape with the perfectly convenient, attractive, skill and damage-free outcome you desire.

  1. Industrial use

The next basic category covers the range of double-sided tapes with powerful performance, specialist and robust materials, and the ability to function reliably and durably in extreme temperature and contaminant conditions.  You’ll find these sorts of products across the industry range, and perhaps surprised to learn that they even hold parts together in our cars, furniture, appliances and electrical devices.  What sets these products apart is not just the strong and enduring bond and strength, but their ability to spread load stresses, resist oxidation, UV radiation, extremely high and low temperatures, a range of potent chemicals, and much more.  In fact, the latest generations of double-sided tapes often replace the need to weld, screw, hammer and glue – all harder to do, more damaging, and often less permanent or non-permanent.  Across the industry spectrum, double-sided tapes have become a Holy Gail of quick, seamless, invisible fastening and bonding, so rest assured: If you have an industrial task, there’s a double-sided tape to make it easier.

  1. Niche use

Finally, it’s important to note all of those specialty double-sided tapes that sit somewhere between heavy duty, industrial purposes, and products that quickly attach a poster to a wall.  Indeed, there is a huge range of niche tapes that craftspeople, plumbers, electricians, manufacturers, and so many other professionals wouldn’t leave home without – and probably keep handy in their garages at home, too.

So the message is clear: if you’re in business, you need to start exploring the wonderful and diverse world of double-sided tapes, because there’s one (or 5!) out there just for you.  Happy bonding!

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