Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Looking for home design ideas to give your bedroom a makeover? It is not very difficult to transform your mundane bedroom into a very beautiful and appealing space. Your bedroom should feel like a safe and comfortable space where you can relax after a long and tiring day. By following these few simple tips, you can give your bedroom interior design the perfect makeover:

01 of 06 Ensure that the room is clutter-free

This is one of the best home design ideas to give your bedroom a complete makeover. It may require quite a lot of effort but will not cost you a single penny. The process is simple, clear out everything that is obsolete or does not seem necessary. This includes all scattered reading materials, kids’ toys, laundry, etc. You can create separate hidden storage spaces in the bedroom to store them properly. If not possible, consider putting them in plastic bags and keeping them under the bed or inside the closet. Do not clutter the surface of the furniture pieces with decor items. Make sure your bed is clean as well.

02 of 06 Do not ignore the importance of windows treatments

You must never leave the windows blank. It will make the bedroom appear mundane. Consider installing curtains to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room. It will help you to add more colours and textures to the room. Further, you can invest in expensive and quality curtains to give your bedroom a very posh look. You get options while choosing the curtain length as well. If you do not want to install curtains, you can consider blinds or shutters. Many modern designs and styles are available that will enliven your room’s visual appeal.

03 of 06 Play around with your furniture

You can completely change the appearance of your bedroom by rearranging its furniture. Besides decluttering, this is one of the best inexpensive methods for giving your bedroom a makeover. Also, you do not have to worry about rearranging all your furniture pieces. Just shifting even a few pieces can change the appearance of your room. Rearranging your furniture also gives you the opportunity to clean those hard-to-reach places properly. You can take this opportunity to flip your mattress and vacuum. However, be careful while rearranging your furniture as you might drop and damage something if it is too heavy.

04 of 06 Breathe new life into your bedroom with accent pillows

If you want to add more colours and vibrance to your bedroom interior design, consider adding accent pillows to the setup. They are designed to complement your bedding and make you feel comfortable. However, do not add too many of them as the bed might start appearing cluttered. Arrange them properly on your bed so that they look organised. Besides two sets of bed pillows, you can throw in two or three accent pillows on the bed. Ensure that the accent pillow design and colour complement the bedding and other elements in the room.

05 of 06 Use lighting for a complete makeover

Lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing your bedroom decor design. There are various types of lights available in the market that you can install in the bedroom. From a chandelier, pendant lights to track lights and canned lights, you are only limited to your imagination. Also, do not forget to install reading lights by the bed. Consider installing dimmers so that you can control the brightness of the lighting fixtures depending on the time of the day. If you have artwork on your walls, use lights to keep them highlighted.

06 of 06 Consider adding a rug to the setup

You can lay down a run rug on your floor irrespective of whether it has carpet flooring, tile flooring, or wood flooring. This is because rugs add a soft and cosy feel to any setup. Further, you can use them to add more textures and colours to your bedroom interior design. However, make sure that it complements the other elements in your bedroom. If you already have carpet flooring, you should be careful while choosing the rug design. While patterned rugs look better with plain carpets, patterned carpets are better suited with simple rugs. Also, you should be specific about the size. Do not pick a rug that is too big or small for the bedroom.

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